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Cisco To Bring Wireless Mesh To Gulf Coast Schools

With its announcement of a $40 million initiative to rebuild schools along the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast, Cisco Systems Inc. tipped its hand on mesh networking plans. Via []Continue Reading

WiMax/Wi-Fi Mesh To Roll For Emergency Nets

SkyPilot Networks Inc. is moving broadband mesh into public safety networks by adding 4.9-GHz licensed bands to its product line. The SkyExtender DualBand is a mesh backhaul product supporting both 802.11b/g access services and 4.9-GHz public-safety radio. Via []Continue Reading

Mesh Comes To WiMax

SkyPilot Networks of Santa Clara, California hasn’t made as big a splash in the metropolitan-sized mesh network market as its competition, but that might change as it puts its Synchronous Mesh Protocol (SMP) to work with long-distance, high-throughput WiMax technology. Via []Continue Reading

Whiz-Bang Wireless At The Scene Of A Crime

New mesh-networking software from PacketHop lets police and first responders use their mobile devices to set up wireless networks that don’t require Wi-Fi access points or routers. Via []Continue Reading

Mesh Wi-Fi Company Gets $10 Million New VC Money

PacketHop Inc., a company that helps create wireless networks on the fly, has received $10 million in its third round of venture capital funding from investors. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Mesh Standard Proposal On Tap

The vendor group is presenting its would-be spec, which is compatible with Wi Fi, to the IEEE. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Meshing

Microsoft is working on software to make Internet access cheaper for remote locations. Via []Continue Reading

Strix Intros New Outdoor Mesh Solution

Strix Systems says its patent-pending Access/One Network Outdoor Wireless System (OWS) multiradio, multichannel and multi-RF mesh solution is now generally available. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco Targets Mesh Networking

Cisco Systems Inc., building on the strength of its recent acquisition of Airespace Inc., is planning a move into the emerging wireless mesh networking market. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola’s New Mesh

The old MeshNetworks and its Mesh Enabled Architecture (MEA) were always interesting, but one thing its equipment was not was 802.11-based. However, the company is now a part of Motorola, and 802.11 is soon to be part of the program. Via []Continue Reading

BelAir Meshes Wi-Fi, WiMAX And 3G Cellular

Mesh networking specialist BelAir Networks outlined an architecture at the CTIA Wireless show it considers would be the best suited for mixing Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G cellular connections. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Hangs Mesh Hopes On 802.11s

Intel has unveiled its first proposals for 802.11s, a new mesh wireless networking standard. Via []Continue Reading

Mesh Networking – The Next Step For WiFi Development In Western Europe, Says IDC

According to IDC, wireless mesh networking will be the next step in WiFi development. Although wireless mesh is now mainly offered by start-up companies, IDC expects established network vendors to follow Nortel and Motorola and announce their own mesh solutions, or cooperate with one of the mesh start-ups in the near future. Via []Continue Reading

Strix Introduces Outdoor Mesh Networking System

Strix Systems Monday extended its mesh networking product line with a new system for building outdoor wireless mesh networks. Via []Continue Reading

BelAir Extends Wireless Mesh Network Security

BelAir Networks has released three new products designed to extend the reach, capacity, and security of Wide Area Wi-Fi networks and wireless mesh networks. Via []Continue Reading