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Motorola Buy Adds Heat To Mesh Networking

Motorola said Tuesday that it will purchase MeshNetworks, which makes equipment for mobile broadband and position location networks. That deal and an expected announcement from Nortel Networks suggest that the mesh-networking market is on the rise. Via []Continue Reading

Mesh Wi-Fi Network Eases On-Site Debate Reporting

When members of the media begin filing into Gammage Auditorium at Arizona State University in Tempe to report on Wednesday night’s presidential debate, they’ll find a new broadband wireless service waiting for them. And in fact, this service has been up and running for them for the past couple of days, so they can fileContinue Reading

Tropos Unveils Wi-Fi Mesh Node For Vehicles

Tropos Networks, a developer of equipment for metro-sized Wi-Fi mesh networks, announced Tuesday a new mesh cell that works in vehicles. Via []Continue Reading

Public Safety Spectrum Makes Mesh

MeshNetworks of Maitland, Fla., has made its name creating citywide networks that usually support first responder departments like police and fire. They do it with equipment that operates in various radio spectrums, including the 2.4GHz range used by 802.11b/g—though MeshNetworks doesn’t use the 802.11/Wi-Fi standard (the company calls itself “radio-agnostic”). Via []Continue Reading

Tropos Nets Major Wi-Fi Mesh Project

Tropos Networks has landed its biggest contract fish yet, netting a deal with Oklahoma City to provide a 400-square-mile Wi-Fi mesh network for the city’s public safety communications. Via []Continue Reading

Making A Mesh Of Wireless Networking

Dust Networks announced today the release of SmartMesh, a wireless mesh networking platform for enterprise-level monitoring and control solutions. Via []Continue Reading

Pushing Wi-Fi’s Limits, Part Two

Much as we’ve come to love a good Wi-Fi connection, whether at home or at the corner coffee shop, there’s still quite a bit left to be desired. It’s not fast enough, and Wi-Fi signals need to go farther. Via []Continue Reading

Mesh: The Next Step For Wireless

Mesh technology allows new wireless networks to be created, or existing WLANs to be extended, without needing a wired connection to each base station. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Crowd’s Must-Have: Mesh HotZones

If the future of Wi-Fi is complete ubiquity and pervasiveness than it’s likely that Mesh architecture for wireless LANs will play a pivotal role. Via []Continue Reading

Military-derived Tech Making A Big Mesh Of Wi-Fi

A company whose emergency-response devices communicate through each other rather than through a centralized hub alone is expanding the technology to work on other kinds of wireless equipment. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco, Intel To Push Wireless Mesh Standard

Engineers from Cisco Systems Inc. and Intel Corp. are trying to kick off an effort to standardize mesh networks, one of the hottest new segments in wireless. The move comes as a handful of startups are hitting the market with proprietary mesh networking technologies embedded in their homegrown ASICs and software. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Mesh Networking Gathers Momentum

Wireless ad hoc mesh networking will get a boost on two levels this week with the unveiling of startup PacketHop Inc. and the announcement that wireless home networking and automation proponent Zensys A/S has entered into a business partnership with Intel Corp. Via []Continue Reading

MeshNetworks Announces Mesh Networking Software

Earlier this week, MeshNetworks, Inc. announced the limited availability of its new MeshLAN Multi-Hopping software solution for industry standard 802.11 (Wi-Fi) based wireless LANs. MeshLAN software extends the range and robustness of existing Wi-Fi networks by adding multi-hopping peer-to-peer capabilities to off-the-shelf 802.11 cards, according to the company.Continue Reading

Mesh Networks – A DiSrUpTiVe Technology?

Mesh Networks, a wireless startup company in Maitland, FL is developing an alternative to 3G, that will carry data, voice and other multimedia streams. Their plan is to be disruptive as possible.Continue Reading