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Linksys Falls Off Wi-Fi Bridge

The Wi-Fi Alliance won’t like this: a simple compatibility test of two mainstream wireless devices by Computing Which? failed to get a Netgear bridge to talk to a Linksys router. Via []Continue Reading

Round-up: 802.11g-based USB 2.0 Adapters

It took a while, but 802.11g-based USB adapters are now available from most vendors. In this mini-roundup, we’ll look at USB 2.0 offerings from four major vendors–Buffalo Technology, D-Link, IOGear, Linksys, and Netgear. Via []Continue Reading

Super G Doubles 802.11g Performance

Once upon a time, we were awed by the 11-Mbps top throughput of 802.11b wireless networking and were glad to have it. Then last year, the much faster 802.11g appeared, with its 54-Mbps data rate threshold and 802.11b compatibility. But if that still isn’t enough to keep your business or home network humming, consider theContinue Reading

NetGear Plugs Wi-Fi Into Hi-Fis

NetGear unveiled a Wi-Fi device on Tuesday that is designed to retrofit stereos so they can connect to wireless networks. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi At The Speed Of Ethernet?

Just when you felt sure the fastest wireless networks move data at 54 megabits per second, Netgear introduces a wireless firewall router and PC Card that it says will transfer data at 108 mbps–speedier than 100-mbps ethernet. Via []Continue Reading

802.11g Consumer Products Now Available

Buffalo Technology Inc. is shipping the industry’s first products based on the 802.11g draft standard. The AirStation G54 broadband router access point will carry an MSRP of $199. The Broadcom based 54Mbps AP will also support 802.1x and WPA with TKIP and AES with a future firmware upgrade. The matching PC card has an MSRPContinue Reading