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D-Link Unveils Its First WiMAX Router

D-Link has released its first 802.16-2005-compliant WiMAX router. The device, which supports both WiMax and WiFi, is intended for residential wireless service providers that want to keep their prices competitive with wire-line technologies. It is easily installed and allows for coverage over the entire house. Via []Continue Reading

D-Link Announces Clamshell Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

D-Link announced that they are releasing a new clam-shell style Wi-Fi compatable VOIP telephone. In what will surely be a boom market, D-Link’s Wi-Fi phone allows users to make VOIP calls over Wi-Fi networks and the internet rather than traditional cellular networks. Via []Continue Reading

D-Link Switches Focus To 802.11n

Networking vendor D-Link has announced plans to switch its development focus to the recently approved draft 802.11n technology, which it expects to become ratified as a wireless standard in 2007. Via []Continue Reading

D-Link Announces 3G Compatible Internet Camera

D-Link is introducing a new D-Link Internet Camera with 3G compatibility will be added to its line of IP surveillance products. The new camer offers the ability to view live video streams from a 3G cell phone. Via []Continue Reading

D-Link To Sell Wireless Broadband Wi-Fi Router

WLAN equipment vendor D-Link said Monday that it will ship a wireless router that will distribute wireless broadband 3G cellular data access via Wi-Fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

D-Link Wireless Access Packs PoE

Network hardware manufacturer D-Link announced yesterday the D-Link AirPremier Access Point DWL-2200AP, an 802.11g access point that delivers instant Power over Ethernet (PoE) for remote placements where power outlets are not within reach. Via []Continue Reading

D-Link Puts Wireless Networking In Travelers’ Pockets

Network hardware manufacturer D-Link on Thursday announced the Wireless Pocket Router/AP, a $99.99 portable network device designed for business travelers. Via []Continue Reading

A Wireless Third Eye

How often could you use an extra eye on something important? Security cameras are built for just such a task, but they can be costly and difficult to install because they usually require a hardwired connection. Via []Continue Reading

Entertaining Possibilities

The power, storage capacity, and flexibility of PCs make them perfect multimedia repositories—unless you actually want to enjoy your collected content. Somehow, spending the evening hunched over a computer just doesn’t have the same appeal as lounging on the sofa with your favorite tall, cool beverage. Multimedia receivers can free your entertainment from its shackles.Continue Reading

Round-up: 802.11g-based USB 2.0 Adapters

It took a while, but 802.11g-based USB adapters are now available from most vendors. In this mini-roundup, we’ll look at USB 2.0 offerings from four major vendors–Buffalo Technology, D-Link, IOGear, Linksys, and Netgear. Via []Continue Reading

Super G Doubles 802.11g Performance

Once upon a time, we were awed by the 11-Mbps top throughput of 802.11b wireless networking and were glad to have it. Then last year, the much faster 802.11g appeared, with its 54-Mbps data rate threshold and 802.11b compatibility. But if that still isn’t enough to keep your business or home network humming, consider theContinue Reading

802.11g Consumer Products Now Available

Buffalo Technology Inc. is shipping the industry’s first products based on the 802.11g draft standard. The AirStation G54 broadband router access point will carry an MSRP of $199. The Broadcom based 54Mbps AP will also support 802.1x and WPA with TKIP and AES with a future firmware upgrade. The matching PC card has an MSRPContinue Reading