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Netgear Debuts Long-awaited Wi-Fi Phone

Netgear is bringing its WiFi phone, which can make calls using Skype, to Singapore. The company is selling the handset for S$349 (US$2226) and has preloaded it with Skype software. To make calls through SPH101, the user must be within the coverage of a 802.11b or a 802.11g wireless system and must hold a properContinue Reading

Netgear Jumpstarts 802.11n

Netgear has jumped on the ‘pre-n’ bandwagon and released their ‘NEXT’ line-up of products. Promising all the benefits of 802.11n technology now, rather than after the spec is ratified, is an attempt by Netgear to join Belkin and others in hedging their bets and hoping that their products will be upgradeable, or at least compatibleContinue Reading

Netgear’s Newest MIMO Wi-Fi Gets Full Test

The test is a disaster for the IEEE and 802.11n. The good news is that the new Wi-Fi MIMO technology really does reach throughput speeds of 100Mbps. The bad news: it utterly crushed a neighbouring network that used standard 802.11g. Via []Continue Reading

Will Users Want Netgear’s Wi-Fi Skype Phone?

Networking specialist Netgear will try its luck in the voice over wireless LAN (WLAN) market later this year by launching a Wi-Fi only mobile handset with an integrated Skype voice over IP (VoIP) client. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear Admits Wireless Speed Claims Are Misleading

The real question in the Netgear class action case is why it only applied to NetGear, given the absurd figures quoted by all Wi-Fi hotspot providers. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear Settles Lawsuit On Wi-Fi Speed Claims

Netgear has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused the company of inflating the data speeds of its Wi-Fi networking devices in advertising materials. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear Aims To Surmount Wireless ‘Dead Zones’

Netgear on Monday introduced new RangeMax wireless products designed to outsmart potential wireless “dead zones.” Via []Continue Reading

NETGEAR Bridges PC-Home Entertainment Gap

NETGEAR Inc. has unveiled a wireless device that bridges the gap between PC digital content and home-entertainment systems utilizing 802.11 technologies and a wealth of hardware connections and file formats. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear Powers Up SBM WLAN Equipment

Netgear has integrated new features into its ProSafe line of wireless networking products that add load-balancing and security capabilities for small-business users. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear Releases PoE-Powered WLAN For SMBs

Netgear has announced a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) solution for small businesses designed to ease installation of WLANs by allowing wireless access points to be installed anywhere, even in locations unreachable by power outlets. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear, Flarion Team On Wireless Data Nets

Netgear Inc. and Flarion Technologies announced Monday that they are developing Flarion’s high-speed mobile-wireless technology for delivery to cell-phone service providers through Netgear 802.11b/g products. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear Taps Atheros For 108-Mbit WiFi Router Design

Netgear has tapped Atheros’ wireless LAN (WLAN) technology to develop a wireless router that operates in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and delivers a peak data rate of 108-Mbit/s. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear Boost Wireless Coverage In Home Networks

Netgear on Thursday launched a home network wireless extender kit that uses power outlets to push coverage to any part of the house. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear, Vonage Gear Up For VoIP

Vonage and Netgear have teamed up to develop broadband telephony products due in time for the holidays, according to sources familiar with the deal. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Clarifies Netgear Comms Breakdown

Linksys has hit back at the Computing Which? report suggesting that the company’s Wireless-G router failed to communicate with Netgear’s Wi-Fi bridge during testing at Which? offices. Linksys corporate communications manager, Karen Sohl, says the publication is wrong if it suggests that there’s any standards failure by Linksys. Via []Continue Reading