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A WiFi Mesh Network For Your Car

DaimlerChrysler announced that its field trial of WILLWARN, a research project by the PReVENT initiative aimed at reducing road accidents in Europe, has been a success. The project involves installing WLAN routers in cars to allow drivers to share information on temperature, road conditions, fog, or road obstructions within a 500 meter radius. Car2Car CommunicationContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Is Hot–But Manufacturers Are Cautious

A new survey by WiFi Alliance shows that WiFi is becoming more popular, with nearly 9 out of 10 respondents choosing their wireless connection over a year’s worth of Starbucks. Moreover, 80 percent of those surveyed would not mind seeing their home team lose if they can keep their WiFi connection. This increasing popularity, however,Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Hot Spots Multiply Around The World

A study by ABI Research indicates that the number of WiFi hotspots around the world has risen by 47 percent to 143,700 in 2006. Europe — home to 57,000 hotspots — and North America account for 74 percent of the volume but Asia-Pacific is expected to surpass both regions in five years due to itsContinue Reading

Citywide Wi-Fi Spending Could Hit $3 Billion

A new report by indicates that U.S. municipalities will invest over $3 billion in public wireless networks over the next four years. founder Esme Vos ascribed the trend to increasing interest among cities and counties to develop their own wireless networks, which are either managed by them alone or in collaboration with aContinue Reading

U.K. Hotel Wi-Fi Rates Slammed

The latest edition of “The Good Hotel Guide” criticized the exorbitant WiFi rates in U.K. hotels. According to the report, some hotels demand £5 per hour of use, though running a WiFi network is relatively low-cost. The annual publication, which offers free listings and does not run advertising, uses reader input as the basis forContinue Reading

Apple Wi-Fi Flaw Disclosure Takes Bizarre Turn

The bizarre saga involving the discovery and disclosure of WiFi driver vulnerabilities in Apple products continues. After SecureWorks researcher David Maynor revealed that the MacBook has a code execution flaw during the Black Hat conference, Apple decided to remove SecureWorks from the reporting credits concerning its patch. Now comes a statement saying that the twoContinue Reading

More Wi-Fi Demanded In T-Mobile Poll

A survey by YouGov revealed that WiFi users hope for more hotspots in more locations. Half of the 253 respondents want WiFi access in trains and a quarter on the tube. Some 86 perecent with laptops, however, do not know how useful having such connection during rush hour. The study also showed that 45 percentContinue Reading

Is The WiFi Revolution Underway?

ABI Research sees a rise in the demand for consumer electronic products with wireless networking capabilities and an explosive growth for WiFi with a shift in the way entertainment is delivered. The firm expects shipments of WiFi-enabled consumer electronic devices to jump from 40 million this year to 249 million in 2011. The key toContinue Reading

Get Free Wi-Fi Access If You Watch An Advert plans to start a new campaign that will give people free Internet access, and even phone calls, if they watch a cinema advertisement and answer a two-question quiz later. According to CEO Dan Toomey, the scheme is intended to expand the company’s presence in the U.K. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Emerges As Crucial Growth Area For Small Firms

A new survey by the Institute of Directors (IoD) suggests an increasing popularity of wireless technology among small and medium-sized firms. It shows a 20 percent rise in the use of wireless equipment — from 57 percent in 2004 to the current 77 percent — by firms. Wireless access to email, WiFi hotspot use andContinue Reading

Boffins Working On Super Wi-Fi Chip

Researchers at Lucent’s Bell Laboratories are developing software that can alter a WiFi chip so that it can work on all types of radio appliances. They believe that most of these appliances contain outdated chips, which are wired to a sole frequency. The goal is to make a chip that can move across all frequenciesContinue Reading

Demand For WiFi Equipment, Components Growing

Analysts expect the WiFi equipment market to become a $3 billion sector in the next three years. The reason: the emerging WiFi applications such as wireless game consoles, PDAs, cell phones and home entertainment systems. According to Chris Taylor, who heads the wireless components service at the Boston-based consultancy Strategy Analytics, “the market for WiFiContinue Reading

Ofcom Loses The 4G Signal

Ofcom is exploring the possibility of auctioning off radio spectrum that could be utilized for 4G mobile services. At the moment, no one can define 4G and the adoption of 3G in the U.K. remains minimal. Since the £22.5 billion auction in 2000, 3G has only attracted 4.5 million users or equivalent to £5,000 perContinue Reading

Study: More Wireless Protocols To Integrate

A study from WTRS forecasts that manufacturers are going to start integrating several wireless protocols into single chips in the near future. With devices like PDA’s using 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth, this is not a bad idea. They forcast high short term sales, but standbys like RFID will provide longer term profits. Via []Continue Reading

Experts Warn Of ‘Bumpy’ Transition To 802.11n

In-Stat sees a “bumpy” transition from IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi to the next-gen 802.11n standard. The analyst firm believes the move to 802.11n will be more difficult than that to 802.11g from 802.11b. Though formal ratification of the IEEE 802.11n wireless Lan standard may not happen until next year, wireless networking firms have already developed productsContinue Reading