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Milestones That Mattered: Wi-Fi Predecessors Date To The Early 1990s

More than a decade ago, an EDN article examined the developments that paved the way for the wireless technology era. A March 4, 1993 feature entitled “Digital wireless networks” foresaw the existence of wireless LANs that could operate over infrared or RF channels and predicted that the Federal Communications Commission would allow various frequency-hopping andContinue Reading

Boffins Working On Super Wi-Fi Chip

Researchers at Lucent’s Bell Laboratories are developing software that can alter a WiFi chip so that it can work on all types of radio appliances. They believe that most of these appliances contain outdated chips, which are wired to a sole frequency. The goal is to make a chip that can move across all frequenciesContinue Reading

Verizon, Alvarion Sign Wireless Broadband Deal

Verizon Avenue, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, has bought equipment from Alvarion to make wireless broadband service available on a former military base. Via []Continue Reading

BelAir, Lucent Partner For Wireless Routers

BelAir Networks has started partnering with a number of companies for its range of carrier-grade wireless switch routers, with Lucent Techologies becoming the first company licensed to sell the products to service providers, enterprises and government accounts. Via []Continue Reading

Lucent Adopts Alvarion’s WiMAX Technology

Lucent Technologies said Tuesday it will integrate WiMAX technology from partner Alvarion into its future communications products. Via []Continue Reading

Lucent Focuses On Wireless Lan Optimisation

Lucent Technologies’ Bell Labs has lifted the lid on two research projects that aim to boost the performance of wireless local area networks (Lans). Via []Continue Reading

Lucent Looks To Provide Mobile Wi-Fi For Trains, Autos, Bbuses

Lucent Technologies Inc. is working to develop a product that would provide users with wireless Internet access on trains, buses and automobiles. Via []Continue Reading

802.11 To 3G Call Handover Achieved

Lucent Technologies has demonstrated the successful seamless handoff of a wireless data call from a “WiFi” or wireless local area network (WLAN) to a UMTS network, enabling mobile laptop users to browse the Internet while roaming between the two network types with no interruption in the session. Via []Continue Reading