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Michigan Hacker Who Tapped Into Hardware Chain’s Computers Gets 9 Years

One of three Michigan men who hacked into the national computer system of Lowe’s hardware stores and tried to steal customers’ credit card information was sentenced Wednesday to nine years in federal prison. Via []Continue Reading

How To Steal Wi-Fi

When I moved into a new neighborhood last week, I expected the usual hassles. Then I found out I’d have to wait more than a month for a DSL line. I started convulsing. If I don’t have Net access for even one day, I can’t do my job. So, what was I supposed to do?Continue Reading

Airborne: Wardrivers Find Free Internet

Philadelphia mayor John F. Street is either completely out of his mind or a visionary who is completely out of his mind. Via []Continue Reading

Drive-by Hackers Get Residents’ Hackles Up

The specter of drive-by computer hackers cruising upscale Scottsdale neighborhoods to cherry-pick wireless Web systems has residents worried about a new method of privacy intrusion and identity theft. Via []Continue Reading

How To Defeat The Wardriving Spamlords

When it comes to sin, Los Angeles has an unparalleled record of innovation. It is entirely apt that the city has seen the first conviction for the very 21st century offence of spamming via wardriven Wi-Fi hotspots. Even the words sound like random Hollywood sci-fi gobbledegook. The crime, however, is real. Via []Continue Reading

‘Wardriving’ Spam Conviction Exposes Wi-Fi Security

A Southern California man has pleaded guilty to spamming people through unprotected wireless hotspots in the first-ever conviction under the US Can-Spam Act, and a case that again raises concerns about the risks of open-access Wi-Fi services. Via []Continue Reading

War, Peace, Or Stalemate: Wargames, Wardialing, Wardriving, And The Emerging Market For Hacker Ethics

There are inconspicuous ethical shades to wardriving that are poorly understood, and to date, no academic literature has analyzed the legality of the activity. This article will argue that the act of wardriving itself is quite innocuous, legal, and can even be quite beneficial to society. It will also highlight the need for wardrivers –Continue Reading

Can Spammers Really Exploit Wireless Networks?

A US citizen is thought to have become the first person to be accused of hacking a wireless network in order to send spam. Via []Continue Reading

Engage Wardrive Scottie!

Throughout the underground internet the last few months, everyone has been whispering the same magic word: ‘wardrive’. No, not warp-drive, like in the Star-Trek series, the ‘engine’ that allows to travel faster than the speed of light. Wardrive. Via []Continue Reading

What Is Wardriving And How Can You Prevent It

Imagine a car equipped with nothing more than a laptop computer, a portable GPS receiver, and a wireless network card slowly strolls through your neighborhood. Via []Continue Reading

Three Plead Guilty To Trying To Hack Into Lowe’s Computer

Three Michigan men have pleaded guilty to charges that they conspired to hack into the national computer system of the Lowe’s home improvement chain to steal credit card information, federal authorities said Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Shootout In The Desert

Mobile warriors having trouble making a wireless connection across the hall might want to give some Ohio teens a call. This weekend they were able to make a 55-mile Wi-Fi connection. Via []Continue Reading

Open Source WLAN Analyzers

ISPs looking for an open source WLAN analyzer have plenty of options. Via []Continue Reading

Bluesocket Scans The Spectrum For Wardriving

Security firm Bluesocket has launched a product that aims to protect an enterprise’s wireless networks from unwanted visitors. Via []Continue Reading

Confessions Of A War Driver

I admit it: I’m a war driver. Cloaked in anonymity, I cruise the alleyways and byways of corporate America, lurking, searching, probing for a weakness. Via []Continue Reading