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Wardriving For WLAN Security

The 4th Annual Worldwide Wardrive is under way this week, with volunteers scanning the airwaves in a neighborhood near you for WLAN access points. Via []Continue Reading

Wardriver Pleads Guilty In Lowes WiFi Hacks

In a rare wireless hacking conviction, a Michigan man entered a guilty plea Friday in federal court in Charlotte, North Carolina for his role in a scheme to steal credit card numbers from the Lowe’s chain of home improvement stores by taking advantage of an unsecured wi-fi network at a store in suburban Detroit. ViaContinue Reading

Wireless Surveying On The Pocket PC

Today, wireless networks are everywhere — at Starbucks, Burger King, airports, and so forth — and all provide wireless Internet access (for a fee). Finding commercial wireless operators is easy; very often, you’ll see signage hanging outside a coffee house or on the walls of a hotel lobby. If not, when you power up yourContinue Reading

The Trouble With Wireless

Today’s wireless networks are incredibly easy to set up and use—maybe too easy. Even when the most experienced PC users install Wi-Fi cards and access points, they don’t always take proper security measures, and many networks are left wide open to attack. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Signals Turn Up In Some Unexpected Places

Anyone can get their kicks on Route 66 — but on Highway 101, you can get Wi-Fi in 77 places. Via []Continue Reading

For Now, Wi-Fi Is A Hacker’s Delight

You’ve heard of a drive-by shooting, but maybe not drive-by hacking. It’s a worrisome sort of cybercrime in which burglars sit in a car outside a company and use laptop computers with antennas to hack into cash registers and corporate records by snagging data as they travel over the airwaves. Via []Continue Reading

Wardriving Is Not A Crime

New technology puts predators on the prowl in your neighborhood. What do they want? Your location. Via []Continue Reading

War Driving No Game To IT Managers

A couple of buddies get in their car on a Saturday morning. They’ve got steaming coffees and a laptop. As the passenger boots up the computer, the driver pulls out and banks a left onto a busy downtown Boston street. But in this scenario, it doesn’t have to be Boston; it could be Chicago, NewContinue Reading

Michigan Wi-Fi Hackers ‘Try To Steal Credit Card Details’

Federal officials this week accused a third Michigan man of conspiring to steal credit card numbers from the Lowe’s chain of home improvement stores by taking advantage of an unsecured wi-fi network at store in suburban Detroit. Via []Continue Reading

Waterford Men Hacked Store Files, FBI Alleges

Two young men sitting in a car in the parking lot of a Lowe’s home improvement store in Southfield repeatedly hacked into the company’s national computer network over the past two weeks, gaining access to credit card numbers and other information, federal prosecutors said Monday. Via []Continue Reading

Software Tool Steals Data Via Bluetooth

A UK researcher has developed a sniffing tool to demonstrate security holes in the wireless technology. Via []Continue Reading

Hackers War Drive Into Wireless

Security weaknesses of 802.11 LANs will be addressed in three separate sessions, and include ways to defeat wireless encryption protocol (WEP), detecting attacks against 802.11 networks, and installing rogue access points in existing LANs. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Hunters On The Prowl

Mike Outmesguine leans against a Chevy Suburban packed with Wi-Fi, GPS and ham radio gadgets, gazing out at the necklace of hilltop radio towers that surround Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Via []Continue Reading

Licensed To War Drive In N.H.

A land where white pines easily outnumber wireless computer users, New Hampshire may seem an unlikely haven for the free networking movement. Via []Continue Reading

Firms Must Declare War On Chalkers

The low costs and ease of fuse associated with wireless network technology have helped ensure its rise in popularity among businesses searching for cheap, flexible IT solutions. However, while most companies appear keen to adopt wireless technology, many remain concerned about associated security risks. Via []Continue Reading