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Wireless LAN Attacks Grow In Sophistication

During the past year, wireless LAN security threats have multiplied, according to users, vendors and consultants. There are more attack applications available, the applications are more sophisticated and highly automated and the weaknesses of various wireless hardware and software products are documented more extensively and precisely. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Encryption Fix Not Perfect

The biggest security risk for “Wi-Fi” wireless Internet networks is that users sometimes fail to turn on their encryption software. But even the responsible ones who use the encryption program — Wired Equivalent Privacy — aren’t immune to malicious attacks. Via []Continue Reading

State Of The Wireless Nation

Computer experts and interested amateurs are joining forces to map out wireless networks around the world and find out how many are secure. Via []Continue Reading

Secret Service Agents Probe Wireless Networks In Washington

Secret Service agents are putting a high-tech twist on the idea of a cop walking the beat. Using a laptop computer and an antenna fashioned from a Pringles potato chip can, they are looking for security holes in wireless networks in the nation’s capital. Via []Continue Reading

Ethical Hacker Faces War Driving Charges

A Houston computer security analyst has been charged with hacking after demonstrating the insecurity of a county courts wireless LAN. Via []Continue Reading

Tales Of A White Hat War Driver

If your company doesn’t already have a wireless network, chances are it’s probably testing the waters for future development. But how secure is this technology? What kinds of problems will IT staff encounter? One type of problem gaining national attention is called “war driving,” in which a hacker can use a laptop computer to driveContinue Reading

Hacking With A Pringles Tube

Empty cans of Pringles crisps could be helping malicious hackers spot wireless networks that are open to attack. Via []Continue Reading

A Walk On The Wireless Side

The 802.11 wireless standard allows computers near each other to communicate using high bandwidth at an attractive price. Products based on the standard are very popular. Unfortunately, the networks these devices create are not secure. Ride along with our wardriving columnist. Via []Continue Reading

Driveby Hacking On The Go

How did Frank Keeney, a California-based security consultant and war driving convert, spend his recent vacation? With his wife and kids along for the ride, Keeney used a laptop, rigged up in the back of his SUV, to map access points to home and corporate wireless LANs all the way from Pasadena to San Francisco.Continue Reading

Drive-by Hackers Crack Wireless Networks

Hackers increasingly are cracking into wireless networks based on a standard called “Wi-Fi” (wireless fidelty), also known as 802.11b. Wi-Fi networks have taken off with both consumers and businesses because they’re relatively inexpensive to install and transmit information at a speedy 11 megabits per second. Via []Continue Reading

Firms Warned Of ‘Drive-by Hackers’

Companies that use wireless technology to allow workers to log into networks throughout offices have been warned they could be laying themselves open to hackers. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Networks Wide Open

Wireless networks are popular because they connect computers together without the need for running cables and drilling holes in walls. But they can be a headache for people responsible for computer security, sometimes bypassing expensive and carefully maintained firewalls. Via []Continue Reading

Welcome To The Era Of Drive-by Hacking

BBC News Online has been shown just how lax security is on wireless networks used in London’s financial centre. Via []Continue Reading

The Evolution Of War Driving

There are some interesting reports of people in Europe and undoubtedly elsewhere doing their own version of the now common War Driving.Continue Reading