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Portable Wireless Hacking Device Goes On Sale

Immunity is showing off thier Silica device, a handhelp wireless penetration tool. The $3000 device can automatically scan wireless networks and launch one of 150 attacks on the network, all while looking casual and covert. The device is powered by Immunity’s Canvas pentration testing product and will be available in October. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Seen Limiting Battery Life On MS iPod Rival

The rumored WiFi capabilities of the upcoming Microsoft ‘Zune’ MP3 player may doom the product from the beginning. Battery life may become a huge issue as WiFi is a very large draw on batteries in portable devices. Details are thin at this time, however it seems that unless Microsoft can included extra features and similarContinue Reading

How Secure Are WiFi Phones?

WiFi phones and security are somewhat at odds with each other. Using WPA/WPA2 enterprise on a WiFi phone introduces latency issues when users roam from one AP to another. Some Phones support WPA/WPA2-PSK, but even that introduces problem since the phone is authenticated but not the user. Via []Continue Reading

Give Your Mobile Device 802.11g Power

Socket Communications unveiled its new SDIO (Secure Digital Input/Output) card that allows for 802.11g wireless LAN connectivity in Windows-supported mobile devices. The Go Wi-Fi! P300 card, which comes with Wi-Fi Companion connectivity and management software, is sold for $99. The Socket’s website provides a list of devices that are compatible with this new card. ViaContinue Reading

Nokia Starts Tests Of Wi-Fi Internet Mobile Calls

Nokia has began a trial of unlicensed mobile access or UMA in Oulu near the polar circle in northern Finland. Subscribers with UMA-enabled handsets can make Internet calls when they are within the coverage of an unlicensed wireless network such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When they leave such range, the calls will automatically shift toContinue Reading

Skype Introduces Wi-Fi Phones

Skype users who want more mobility may opt for the new Wi-Fi phones that are due to hit the market in the third quarter of this year. The handsets will be pre-loaded with Skype software and will allow subscribers to use open Wi-Fi access points that do not need browser authentication to make calls. ForContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Phones Ring Changes In Telephony Sector

Analysts expect the global Wi-Fi phone market to enjoy a robust growth in 2006. Figures from Infonetics Research indicate that the Wi-Fi telephony industry earned $125.5 million in 2005, twice the volume in 2004. The analyst firm’s forecast shows that the numbers will more than double this year and may nearly triple by 2009, whenContinue Reading

Wi-Fi HotSpot Phone Launched By Samsung

Italians who want an unlicensed mobile access (UMA) handset can now get one from Samsung. The company has launched SGH-P200 — a phone unit that supports Wi-Fi, GSM and GPRS, thus enabling it to make calls through a public hotspot or a home or office wireless network. “Handsets with UMA technology allow free voice andContinue Reading

Symbian OS 9.3 Adds Wi-Fi Support

Symbian has launched version 9.3 of its operating system for smartphones. The new version includes native support for USB 2.0 connections as well as for Wi-Fi radio. It also provides Unlicensed Mobile Access, which enables phones to go from cellular to Wi-Fi networks through VoIP technology. Symbian is the operating system that powers mobile phonesContinue Reading

Indiana Hospital Eyes Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Phones For Nurses

An Indiana hospital will soon have their nurses equiped with voice-over-Wi-Fi phones in an effort to boost their mobility. Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield, Indiana is currently assessing phones from Cisco Systems, Vocera Communications, and SpectraLink. The hospital’s infrastructure is ready to support the new service. Last year, Hancock installed several Extreme’s Altitude 350-2 accessContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Blackberry Coming This Year

Blackberry addicts rejoice! WiFi/cellular dual mode is coming. The dual mode will mean that WiFi enabled business and campuses can reduce the cellular data usage, but still allow travel and roaming. Also planned is blackberry software for other devices such as palm handhelds. Via []Continue Reading

Study: Wi-Fi Cell Phones Will Hit It Big

WiFi capable cell phones were once considered a threat to cellular telco revenue streams, but that perception appears to be changing. With about 20 WiFi capable phones on the market already, the telco’s and particularly VOIP providers are looking at the convergance of technology to solve some problems and boost other revenue streams. 132 MillionContinue Reading

Samsung Promises WiMax/GSM Phone

Samsung is getting ready in a big way to jump on WiMax. They are preparing a GSM/WiMax phone as well as PCMCIA cards and base stations for fixed and mobile WiMax. The first products should be seen in the first half of 2007. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Music Player Cuts Out The PC

MusicGremlin is one of the latest Wi-Fi enabled music players in the market. The $299 device comes with an 802.11 wireless connection and carries 8 GB of storage or about 2,000 MP3, WMA, or WMA DRM worth of tracks. At $14.99 per month, subscribers get access to MusicGremlin Direct’s 2-million-track music library directory, which isContinue Reading

IT – Beware Of Consumer Wi-Fi Phones

Nokia’s 6136 and Samsung’s T709 are a new kind of cell phone; they’re Wi-Fi enabled and ready to provide uninterrupted connections no matter where you are. Wi-Fi enabled phones are intended to travel seamlessly from Wi-Fi to cellular without a loss in data. But users be warned: if dropped calls will wreak havoc on yourContinue Reading