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Samsung Unveils Multifeatured PDA With WiMax

Samsung is coming out with an all-in-one handheld, a fusion of PC, cell phone, camera, and portable music player. SPH-P9000 houses a folding qwerty keyboard and has built-in WiMax as well as high-speed CDMA EV-DO and Bluetooth capabilities. The PDA, which Samsung first put on display at the Mobile WiMax Summit 2006, is preloaded withContinue Reading

Samsung’s Next-Gen Wireless Vision

Samsung Electronics will begin shipping a new device that is packed with a broad range of mobile services by March next year. This new portable gadget called Deluxe MITs (or mobile intelligent terminal by Samsung) is a phone, miniature PC, TV, MP3 player, digital camera, camcorder, and personal media player (PMP) rolled into one. AccordingContinue Reading

Samsung Breaks 4G Barrier

Samsung unveiled its 4G WiBro (Wireless Broadband) technology at a forum it sponsored in Jeju Island, Korea. The company claims that WiMax’s cousin, which is based on the IEEE 802.16.e-2005 standard, generates a nomadic speed of 1 Gbps or 50 times speedier than 3G. This means that transferring 100 MP3 files (300Mb) will only takeContinue Reading

Wi-Fi HotSpot Phone Launched By Samsung

Italians who want an unlicensed mobile access (UMA) handset can now get one from Samsung. The company has launched SGH-P200 — a phone unit that supports Wi-Fi, GSM and GPRS, thus enabling it to make calls through a public hotspot or a home or office wireless network. “Handsets with UMA technology allow free voice andContinue Reading

Samsung Promises WiMax/GSM Phone

Samsung is getting ready in a big way to jump on WiMax. They are preparing a GSM/WiMax phone as well as PCMCIA cards and base stations for fixed and mobile WiMax. The first products should be seen in the first half of 2007. Via []Continue Reading

Alcatel, Samsung Agree To Harmonise Mobile Wireless Broadband Technologies

Alcatel and Samsung Electronics said they have agreed to harmonise their mobile wireless broadband technologies to allow both companies to speed up product launches, which will be targeted for the second half of 2006. Via []Continue Reading

Samsung Shows The Way For WiMAX Handsets

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could be subtitled “The Future is Now.” And if you think mobile WiMAX is in the future, Samsung is making it real at CES. Via []Continue Reading

Samsung Invests $20 Million In WiMAX Startup

Samsung Ventures America, the U.S. based venture capital investment arm for Samsung Venture Investment Corp., has invested more than $20 million in C-round funding in broadband wireless chipset company Beceem Communications Inc. Beceem said Monday. Via []Continue Reading

Samsung Intros VoIP Wi-Fi Application

“OfficeServ will be compelling to some business segments because it enables adequate in-office mobility with the benefits of VoIP,” said Yankee analyst Nate Dyer. He also warned of competition from wireless substitution and PBX extension-to-mobile services. Via []Continue Reading

Sprint, Samsung Team For WiMAX Trials

In what will be the first major test of WiMAX in the United States, Sprint Nextel and Samsung Telecommunications America have announced they will begin lab and field trials of the broadband network technology starting early next year. Via []Continue Reading

Samsung Demos Korean Version Of WiMAX At 4G Forum

Samsung is demonstrating the interoperability and hand-off capability of the South Korean version of WiMAX, dubbed WiBro, at this week’s Samsung 4G Forum taking place on Jeju Island, Korea. Via []Continue Reading

New Wi-Fi Chips Embedded In Samsung Laptops

Samsung is set to announce Wednesday that it will be the first laptop maker to incorporate new technology that greatly expands the range of Wi-Fi access and speeds up performance. Via []Continue Reading

Samsung Elected To WiMAX Forum

Samsung Electronics was elected to the Board of Directors of the WiMAX Forum, the highest body of the broadband wireless nonprofit organization. Via []Continue Reading

Samsung Latest To Unveil Wi-Fi Mobile Phone

Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones are seen as having potential to spread mobile Web use by giving phone users more options and price points for that connectivity. Wi-Fi could offer a more cost effective way for users to access the Web from mobile devices by minimizing the air time used to go online. Via []Continue Reading

Vendors Claim Speed Breakthrough For Current Wi-Fi Products

Samsung and Athena Semiconductors claim they have developed MIMO technology that can dramatically increase the speed and range of existing wireless LAN products. Via []Continue Reading