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T-Mobile Offers Sony Ericsson Tri-band Card

T-Mobile USA Inc. launched the Sony Ericsson GC79 PC card providing access to the carrier’s GPRS and 802.11b-based Wi-Fi data networks from a single device. The tri-band device operates on 900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS networks and sells for $200. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Brings Wi-Fi To Borders’ UK Stores

T-Mobile is to roll out Wi-Fi access within Borders bookshops throughout the UK, the company said today. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Makes Wi-Fi More Secure

T-Mobile USA has implemented the 802.1x security standard across its U.S. HotSpot network to provide a more secure environment for customers using Wi-Fi. Via []Continue Reading

Red Roof Inns To Get Wi-Fi Hotspots

Accor North America has reached an agreement with T-Mobile USA Inc. to install wireless Internet access throughout all of its Red Roof Inns over the next year, officials said. Via []Continue Reading

NYC Shines Light On Wi-Fi

A plan by NYC to rent the tops of city lampposts could boost the usage of Wi-Fi phones where home phones are scarce. In an effort to entice cellular providers into under-served neighborhoods, Gotham officials are offering companies a discount on payments to the city if cell providers market cheap Wi-Fi phones in some areas.Continue Reading

UK Wi-Fi Operators To Lay Down Their Swords?

The head of BT’s wireless division has hinted that Openzone is keen to team up with T-Mobile, giving its customers access to more hot spots. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi: Getting More For Your Money

Mobile business workers could soon have wider access to lots of different Wi-Fi access points as T-Systems and iPass extend their aggregation networks. Via []Continue Reading

Starbucks Says WiFi Now Available In 3,100 Cafes

Starbucks Corp. said on Tuesday that it had installed wireless Internet connections, or “WiFi,” in more than 3,100 U.S. cafes, including 110 in stores far from technology-rich coastal areas. Via []Continue Reading

T-Systems Aims To Make WiFi As Easy As Phone Call

T-Systems, a unit Deutsche Telekom, is linking together 10,000 locations for wireless computer access and aims to connect half of the world’s public hotspots to a seamless network, it said on Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Unveils Wi-Fi PDA-phone

T-Mobile has revealed that it is indeed planning to offer a third incarnation of its MDA (Mobile Digital Assistant) PocketPC-based phone that will feature a QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi support. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Delivers Wi-Fi Via FedEx

FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Centers is adding wireless broadband to its “Make it. Print it. Pack it. Ship it.” offering. Thanks to a little help from T-Mobile USA, print center customers also will now be able to “Wi-Fi it.” at more than 1,100 locations throughout the United States. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Gets Last Laugh With Wi-Fi

According to Pyramid Research, T-Mobile’s bet on Wi-Fi as a broadband wireless alternative is paying off – while competitors are scrambling to get 3G networks on their feet. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Equips US Uni With Guest Wi-Fi Access

T-Mobile has equipped Washington, DC-based American University with a cross-campus Wi-Fi network for visitors to the institution. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile To Charge Wi-Fi Access To Phone Bills

T-Mobile today offered what it claimed was a “simplified” and “standardised” pricing structure for its Wi-Fi hotspots that introduces direct billing for the company’s mobile phone subscribers. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile USA Releases Free Wi-Fi Locator Ssoftware

T-Mobile USA introduced a free software that makes locating and using its 4,200 HotSpot locations simpler and more convenient. Via []Continue Reading