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Is Marius Milner the unnamed google engineer?

Although sited in a number of articles about Marius Milner being the alleged Google engineer who was behind the WiFi mapping. FCC report on Google Street View Wi-Fi data collection We at have no comment at this time.Continue Reading

Thank You Superhacker, You Saved My Computer

You can actually be setting yourself up for identity theft. A recent report entitled Internet Safety: The State of the Nation found that one in five, or 21%, of British households that use wireless broadband connections do not have password protection. These open portals leave users open to fraud, identity theft or worse. To combatContinue Reading

Crazy-Long Hacker Sentence Upheld

A Federal appeals court upheld the 9 year sentence for Brian Salcedo for his role in the wireless intrusion and attempted credit card theft at a Michigan Lowes hardware. The sentence is the longest ever handed down for a computer crime. Some question the harshness of the sentence given that other credit card fraud schemesContinue Reading

Poor Wi-Fi Drivers Can Expose Laptops

Drivers are the next playground for WiFi attackers. Improperly written drivers can fail in spectacular ways. 2 researchers are planning on showing off the results of thier use of the tool ‘lorcon’ at Blackhat USA to sieve control of wireless hosts through this new technique. Via []Continue Reading

WiFi Freeloader Arrested In Washington

Wardriving may be a thing of the past once WiFi access points are scattered throughout the country and Internet access is free to all, but until then, moochers beware. A man was arrested in Vancouver, WA, after periodically parking in front of a coffee shop over a three-month period to use the shop’s WAP (withoutContinue Reading

Introduction To Kismet

Kismet, like Netstumbler, is one of the defacto wardriving and wireless troubleshooting apps available for free to the public. Kismet, unlike Netstumbler has a number of features that make it a much more useful tool for network discovery and reconnisence. If you have not tried Kismet, you really should. It’s a great tool to haveContinue Reading

Wardrivers And Leeches And Hackers, Oh My!

With all the press lately about people abusing others open WiFi AP’s, you think security is getting better. Well it’s not. Police are still playing catch up and the law is still pretty vague. Given the consiquences of someone abusing your AP, it’s as good an idea as ever to lock it down securly. ViaContinue Reading

Illinois WiFi Freeloader Fined US$250

An Illinois man was fined $250 for accessing a wireless network that was not his own. While there have been other convictions fire theft of services, this is the first citation with a fine on record. While a fine for just ‘freeloading’ on a network makes more sense than jail time, it is very hardContinue Reading

Symantec Ranks Houston High In Wi-Fi Security Survey

Wireless networking has become the dominant way in which home users network their computers. WiFi is fast, fairly easy to set up and relatively inexpensive. Via []Continue Reading

WhiteHat: Sydney’s CBD A Haven For Wardrivers

Security firm WhiteHat has found that out of 751 wireless networks discovered in Sydney’s central business district, 75 percent were unencrypted. Via []Continue Reading

Warchalking For Wi-Fi: A Novel Idea Loses Steam

“The signs didn’t work well even in the U.K. where more people take public transportation and walk than in the United States,” noted Ira Brodsky, president of wireless market research firm Datacomm Research Co. “U.S. cities are more spread out, so it can be hard for users to spot small signs.” Via []Continue Reading

Man Arrested For Accessing Wi-Fi Network

A man who allegedly accessed a home Wi-Fi network in St. Petersburg, Florida, from a parked car got logged off the hard way: He was arrested and charged with a felony. Via []Continue Reading

University Of Advancing Technology Students To Wardrive Phoenix In Search Of Wireless Network Hacking Opportunities

Students at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) will have the opportunity to earn valuable training in wireless security in a wardriving research project that encompasses the greater Phoenix metropolitan region.Continue Reading

US Slaps On The Wardriver-busting Paint

Security-minded US decorators’ supply outfit Force Field Wireless claims to have developed a DIY solution to the international menace of marauding geek wardrivers – DefendAir paint “laced with copper and aluminum fibers that form an electromagnetic shield, blocking most radio waves and protecting wireless networks”. Via []Continue Reading

Second Hardware Hacker Gets 26 Months’ Prison

A second man has been convicted in the trial that saw a 21-year-old sentenced to the longest ever prison term for a hacking conviction. Via []Continue Reading