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IOGEAR Ships Wireless USB Hub, Finally

IOGEAR’s Wireless USB hub is now for sale to interested customers. The price tag: $199.95. The device goes by the name of GUWH104KIT and includes a router with four wired USB hubs. It can wirelessly link different Wireless USB adapters or notebooks. The company first announced this product in June 2006 and the first WirelessContinue Reading

Laptops That Don’t Need USB Cables

Dell and Lenovo have just announced the first laptops with embedded Certified Wireless USB chips. This means that all peripherals connected to a USB hub will tie in to your laptop without the use of a cable. For computer owners who love this idea but aren’t ready for a new computer, D-Link and IOGear haveContinue Reading

Icron’s Wireless USB Hub Is Pricey

Icron Technologies unveiled its maiden wireless USB hub, which it will sell for $395.00. Icron chief executive Robert Eisses expects the product to be popular despite the price. “We sell a CAT-5 USB extender for $695. We sell a lot of them. We expect to sell a lot of these, too,” he said. WiRanger CableContinue Reading

Wireless USB Ready For Testing

The USB Implementers Forum has launched the Certified Wireless USB Compliance and Certification Program, which will allow vendors to have their UWB-based Wireless USB products certified for product interoperability. Although vendors can perform self-tests, they must submit their products for testing to a Certified Wireless USB test lab before they get certification. Intel’s Wireless USBContinue Reading

Wireless USB Vs. Cable-Free USB

It appears there will be yet another battle for domination between 2 competing technologies. This time it is over the future of Wireless USB. Intel is not showing of thier WiMedia technology for personal area networks, and Belkin is pushing thier CableFree USB technologies which do the same thing, but are not interoperable with WiMedia.Continue Reading

USB Cable Meets Wireless Nemesis

A cable outfit says it has come up with the technology to kill off the Universal Serial Bus cable. Via []Continue Reading

Wisair Debuts Wireless USB Reference Design

Wisair has announced a wireless USB dongle and hub reference design that will allow consumer devices such as printers, scanners and cellular devices to connect to a USB-enabled PC at rates of up to 480 Mbits/s. Via []Continue Reading