What’s Up With WiMAX?

The future of WiMax remains in doubt, as per remarks by analysts. Craig Mathias of research firm Farpoint Group said “there’s just no infrastructure supporting WiMAX today.” In addition, “converged Wi-Fi and cellular networks also give the best of both worlds.” Dave Park, BelAir Networks’ vice president of product development, believes the situation is a chicken-and-egg issue. “You have to have a network to get users, but if you have no users then it’s hard to [build] a network,” Park said. Ellen Kirk, vice president of marketing for mesh networking technology provider Tropos Networks, expects 3G companies to fight the deployment of mobile WiMax as the technology, which has the capability to provide a much faster transmission than 3G, will see it as “a direct competitor to mobile cellular.”
Via [internetnews.com]

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