Pipex Wireless Claims Successful UK WiMax Trial

Pipex Wireless declared the trial of its WiMax wireless wide area network in Stratford-upon-Avon a success. The project assessed the performance of Pipex Wireless WiMax-based broadband services for clients with internal and external antennas that run on Intel Rosedale chipsets. The test found that indoor antennas attained speeds of over 2Mbps up and down without direct line of sight and outdoor antennas realized speeds of 10Mbps down and 9Mbps up in a test house, both at a range of 1.2 kilometers from the base station. This, according to the Pipex-Intel joint venture, therefore indicates that WiMax can render “near symmetric” services in most settings. Pipex Wireless plans to undertake more trials this year and offer new services in various cities in 2007.
Via [vnunet.com]

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