Users And Vendors Make WiMax Plans

At the WiMax World in Boston, vendors unveiled plans on how they plan to take advantage of and are using the emerging technology. Roy Russell, founding chief technology officer of Zipcar in Cambridge, Massachusetts, believes his company can use WiMax to boost bandwidth to its fleet of 2,000 cars. He sees the possibility of installing a Wi-Fi access point in each car to enable users to connect to the Internet via a handheld device or a laptop. Gunnar Kauke, president of American Wireless Broadband, said his company plans to test a Motorola WiMax transceiver in apartment buildings in Itasca, Illinois. TowerStream is now offering a broadband wireless package using precertified WiMax equipment, in the Boston area. Its WiMax-microwave broadband service with 100 Mbit/s of throughput is sold at $5,000 a month.
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