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BT Dangles Wi-Fi For A Quid

BT is trying to drum up business for its Wi-Fi broadband service by offering an entry-level package for just £1 a month. Snag is, you have to be an existing BT Business Broadband, BT Broadband or BT Yahoo! Broadband customer to take up the offer. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Coverage To Get Boost

T-Mobile, Europe’s second-largest mobile phone service provider, is linking up with British fixed-line ally BT Group to triple the number of places in the UK where customers can hook onto local high-speed Internet connections. Via []Continue Reading

Yachties Get All-In-One DSL-Wi-Fi Service

Square Mile International – a global wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) which serves the yachting community by running hotspots in marinas – has teamed up with Pipex and BT to offer broadband…well…just about everywhere. Through a single bill and subscription, punters can get broadband in ther homes, on board their boats in marinas, and outContinue Reading

First BT Wireless Broadband Nears

Northern Ireland is to get BT’s first public wireless broadband service later this year, equipment vendor Alvarion announced on Monday. Via []Continue Reading

UK Wi-Fi Operators To Lay Down Their Swords?

The head of BT’s wireless division has hinted that Openzone is keen to team up with T-Mobile, giving its customers access to more hot spots. Via []Continue Reading

BT Chops Cost Of UK Wi-Fi Access

BT Openzone has slashed access charges to its network of public Wi-Fi hotspots, cutting the cost of fast wireless Internet connections by up to 70 per cent, the telco claimed today. Via []Continue Reading

UK Courts Get Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are to be installed in some UK courts as part of a three-year pilot scheme with BT. Via []Continue Reading

BT Serves Wi-Fi Courtside To Tennis Fans

Tennis fans attending this year’s Stella Artois Championships will be able to surf the web and download documents at high speeds using a wireless broadband network at the Queen’s Club in west London. Via []Continue Reading

WiMax Will Be Key To BT’s 21st Century Network Project

BT’s radical plan to upgrade its telecommunications network to cope with the demands of a converged world will rely on the latest wireless technologies. Via []Continue Reading

BT Openzone Makes Wi-Fi Offer Businesses Can’t Refuse

The channel division of BT is aggressively hunting down retail outlets and other businesses in a bid to extend the reach of its wi-fi network. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Security, Not Cost, Will Drive Business Take-up, Claims BT Wireless Chief

Cutting the price of Wi-Fi will not encourage more people to use it, claimed BT Group head of Wi-Fi Chris Clark. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Providers Target Train Travellers

BT Openzone today said it will roll out Wi-Fi hotspots at 15 railway stations in the UK. Via []Continue Reading

Radio Boost For Rural Broadband

Rural broadband has been given a boost by the UK Government’s decision to free up a key radio frequency. Via []Continue Reading

U.K. Jumps Into Wi-Fi Networking

The United Kingdom got its first public Wi-Fi hot spots Monday. Via []Continue Reading

BT Gets 802.11b Rubber Stamp

The government yesterday duly amended the Wireless Telegraphy Act, opening to flood-gates to commercial providers of public WLAN services on the 2.4GHz spectrum. Via []Continue Reading