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Redline Lands WiMAX Contract In Iraq

IraqTel chose Redline Communications’ RedMAX products for a proposed WiMax network in Iraq. The country will initially deploy the network, the first of its kind in the war-torn country, in Basrah. Recently, Redline announced its partnership with I-Systems to provide wireless broadband service in Lake Llanquihue, Chile. The service uses Redline’s AN-50e, part of theContinue Reading

Google Requests Wi-Fi Perch

Google wants access to as many as 1,500 city light poles in San Francisco for its own test network and exclusive from the citywide WiFi network that it proposed to the city. Google’s project partner, EarthLink, voiced the search giant’s request to city officials, which it said is a condition for Google’s participation in theContinue Reading

Brasil Telecom Plans Mobile WiMax Network

Brasil Telecom Participações (BrT) looks to offer mobile WiMax to residents in the southern Brazilian cities of Porto Alegre and Curitiba. Dante Nardelli, who heads BrT’s technology and technical planning division, said the two cities are home to 200,500 broadband customers, which the company sees as potential WiMax users. BrT’s WiMax unit Vant already obtainedContinue Reading

Schools Expel WiFi

Reports of ill effects on health have forced some schools in the U.K. to switch off their wireless networks. One such school is Carmarthenshire comprehensive Ysgol Pantycelyn. Headteacher Hywel Pugh said that, though the county council and central government gave assurances that wireless networks are safe, the school decided to take down WiFi due toContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Standards Face Patent Threat

A ruling by a federal judge in Tyler, Texas upheld the validity of a 1996 patent obtained by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) on a technology used in implementing wireless standards developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The said patent owned by Australia’s national science agency involves aContinue Reading

Intel Touts WiMAX As Fix For India’s Digital Divide

Intel Corp. chairman Craig Barrett sees WiMax as a solution to India’s digital divide. Barrett said WiMax “is relatively inexpensive and relatively simple” and therefore “ideal for rural environment where there is limited infrastructure in place.” He made these remarks following his tour of Baramati, a town that Intel adopted under its World Ahead Program.Continue Reading

FCC: Boston Airport Can’t Block Airline’s Wi-Fi

The Federal Communications Commission has released its ruling in a case involving Continental Airlines and the Massachusetts Port Authority. In July, the airline filed a petition with the agency after Massport ordered it to take down a Wi-Fi access point at its “President’s Club” frequent-flier lounge in Boston’s Logan International Airport, citing violations of Continental’sContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Trumps Starbucks

A new study by WiFi Alliance indicates that 89 percent of 549 WiFi users in the U.S. would rather give up Starbucks than lose their wireless connection. Some 92 percent of those aged between 18 and 29 are adamant about keeping their WiFi access. According to Wi-Fi Alliance managing director Frank Hanzlik, young people haveContinue Reading

Heathrow Express To Get Wi-Fi

Heathrow Express will begin offering wireless Internet access to passengers by early 2007. This will be made possible by T-Mobile’s plans to deploy hotspots on the train. The new network aims to deliver speeds as high as 8 Mbps or about 20 times faster than a 3G connection. Coverage, according to the company, will continueContinue Reading

Will Wi-Fi Kill Wired Ethernet At The LAN Edge?

Analysts believe it is possible for wireless LAN to replace Ethernet as the preferred mode for accessing enterprise networks in the future. Farpoint Group principal Craig Mathias expects WLAN to “become the default network connection technology over (the) next five to 10 years.” He said the technology continues to improve: WLAN access points have higherContinue Reading

RoamAD Wins Caribbean Wi-Fi Deal

RoamAD has won a contract to build a network that will eventually provide wireless Internet coverage to 1.17 million homes or 59 percent of the urban population in the Dominican Republic. The New Zealand wireless network builder signed an agreement with DR Telecom towards the development of a 2.4GHz network, which will initially blanket aboutContinue Reading

AT&T Says Mobile WiMAX Needs Time To Mature

AT&T shut down in September its mobile WiMax trial in the Netherlands. Martin Silman, the carrier’s executive director of global market portfolio management, said the company had to make the decision because “the security (that the network) required involved buffering, which in turn introduced an unacceptable degree of latency.” Hence, Silman believes the technology willContinue Reading

WiFi Offers Greater Connectivity To NYU

Officials at New York University sees a continuous growth in the availability of wireless Internet connectivity within the campus. A yearly survey by the Campus Computing Project indicates that coverage has grown over the years, with over half of college classrooms now having access to the university’s wireless network as compared to only two-fifths lastContinue Reading

WiFi-less Ferries

Washington State Ferries has shut down its free wireless Internet service. The decision ensued from the expiry of a grant that used to finance the program. WSF implemented the switch initially in the Bainbridge Island and Kingston routes and plans to do the same for Bremerton in December. Passengers may still get WiFi connection ifContinue Reading

Samsung’s Next-Gen Wireless Vision

Samsung Electronics will begin shipping a new device that is packed with a broad range of mobile services by March next year. This new portable gadget called Deluxe MITs (or mobile intelligent terminal by Samsung) is a phone, miniature PC, TV, MP3 player, digital camera, camcorder, and personal media player (PMP) rolled into one. AccordingContinue Reading