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Tropos Boosts Wi-Fi Gear

Tropos has increased the available bandwidth of municipal wireless installations with it’s dual band 5320 outdoor MetroMesh router. The new router boasts a multitude of different protocols and software improvements to allow cities to provide the best coverage possible. Via []Continue Reading

Tropos Expands Municipal Wireless Options

Tropos Networks is releasing Tropos 5320, a new outdoor wireless mesh router that includes more than one radio. According to Tropos senior director of marketing Bert Williams, the new device may integrate Wi-Fi, WiMAX metropolitan-area wireless and even 3G, and determine which combination will provide the best performance within the mesh, a network that canContinue Reading

Tropos Goes To 802.11g

Tropos Networks, a popular seller of wireless mesh equipment in municipal deployments, this week announced upgrades to various pieces of equipment and the software that runs them. Via []Continue Reading

Tropos Supports WiMAX Integration

Tropos Networks has unveiled a strategy to integrate open-standard WiMAX into new and existing metro-scale Wi-Fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Tropos Unveils Wi-Fi Mesh Node For Vehicles

Tropos Networks, a developer of equipment for metro-sized Wi-Fi mesh networks, announced Tuesday a new mesh cell that works in vehicles. Via []Continue Reading