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SP2 Tools Ease Wireless Configuration

Windows Service Pack 2 features wireless configuration tools that can cure IT headaches—if SP2 doesn’t break your applications. Via []Continue Reading

Windows XP Bedevils Wi-Fi Users

Kevin Gilmore is a network administrator at MicroDisplay, a small company in San Pablo, California, that uses several Wi-Fi access points to give employees the freedom to roam around the office with their laptops while remaining connected to the Internet. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Wi-Fi Efforts Were A Stitch Out Of Place

Opinion: Microsoft’s forgettable foray into 802.11 hardware sales demonstrates the power of management guru Tom Peters’ principle: stick to the knitting. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft Says Bye-bye To Wi-Fi

Despite quickly becoming one of the leading sellers of wireless networking products, Microsoft has decided to discontinue its entire line of Wi-Fi gear, CNET has learned. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft Powering Wi-Fi VoIP Phones

Hardware and software players are positioning themselves to combine two of the Internet’s success stories — Wi-Fi and VoIP — onto one hardware platform. Via []Continue Reading

Easy Wireless Networking Gets Boost From Microsoft

Fast and easy is what you want when you’re setting up a wireless home networking system. And Microsoft’s Wireless-G networking products come close to delivering just that. Via []Continue Reading

Pricey Wi-Fi For Xbox

If you’re ready to take your Xbox gaming console online, but you’re unwilling to string an ethernet cable from your home office to your living room, Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Adapter (MN-740) may be your ticket to play. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft, Cisco Prepare For PEAP Show

Microsoft and Cisco this week are expected to detail how they will support an emerging IETF wireless security standard for authentication that could quash a competing standards effort. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft Unveils Networking Hardware

Microsoft plans to release new wired and wireless networking products Thursday into the crowded and hypercompetitive consumer hardware market. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi “Lite” From Microsoft

Microsoft is expected to present its take next week on “soft Wi-Fi,” a new idea in wireless networking for homes and offices. Via []Continue Reading

How To Disable Detection Of Devices On Serial Ports

When you start Windows NT, NTDETECT searches for the pointing device (usually a mouse). In the course of this process, data is sent to the serial (COM) ports. If a serial mouse is detected, Windows NT disables the port so a device driver for the mouse can load instead. If a device is not detected,Continue Reading