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Study: WiMAX Important To Cellular Operators

Both fixed and mobile WiMAX will be important to cellular operators to help them relieve congestion from their cellular data networks and to prepare for data technologies beyond 3G, a study released Tuesday by ABI Research claims. Via []Continue Reading

Insatiable Demand Pushes Wi-Fi To New Highs

Insatiable demand for wireless networking technology from both consumers and business has helped push up annual unit sales of Wi-Fi equipment to more than 100m chipsets in six years, according to newly published data. Via []Continue Reading

Mobile Industry Tests The Wi-Fi Airwaves

The mobile industry is ramping up for a new generation of cellphones and services combining the long-distance strengths of traditional cellular service with the short-distance, low-cost advantages of Wi-Fi. Via []Continue Reading

Enterprise WLAN Spending Surges

Spending on LAN switches and appliances was particularly strong, with a 22% increase in the quarter. Via []Continue Reading

WhiteHat: Sydney’s CBD A Haven For Wardrivers

Security firm WhiteHat has found that out of 751 wireless networks discovered in Sydney’s central business district, 75 percent were unencrypted. Via []Continue Reading

Voice Over Wireless LAN Adoption To Triple By 2007 – Report

The number of North American organisations deploying voice over wireless LANs (WLAN) will triple over the next two years, from ten per cent now to 31 per cent in 2007, driven by the growing availability of wireless VoIP handsets and voice-enabling wireless infrastructure, according to a study by market research firm Infonetics Research. Via []Continue Reading

Study: MIMO Becoming A Necessary Wireless Technology

The report concluded that multiple input, multiple output gear–still in early stages–can as much as double the capacity of mobile networks. Via []Continue Reading

InCode Predicts Wireless’ Future

Wireless and business and technology consulting firm inCode is taking its predictions global this year, calling for 2006 to be a year of convergence, consolidation and new business models. Via []Continue Reading

WiMax To Grow, 3G To Dominate, Says Study

The coming year will be pivotal in terms of deployment of new and improved wireless broadband technologies but 3G cellular data service will dominate over the next few years, according to a market study by Northern Sky Research. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Network Market To Hit $5 Billion In 2006

The wireless LAN (WLAN) market will grow at an annual rate of 30 percent per year, and will hit $5 billion next year, according to a new report by Research and Markets. The report also found that WLAN sales have increased 60 percent compared to last year. Via []Continue Reading

Europe Leads On HotSpot Access

Europe has become the world leader in the public availability of wireless internet access points, or hotspots, according to figures published last week. Via []Continue Reading

WiMax Fever Intensifies

WiMax is one of the fastest growing emerging sectors within the world’s telecoms industry, with the global market potential estimated to be worth up to $1bn in 2007 and $4bn by 2010, according to recent research from analyst firm Maravedis. Via []Continue Reading

Tuning In To Wireless Returns

The in-depth research into the wireless capabilities of 403 large businesses sought to discover which wireless devices were being used, the future wireless investment plans of businesses, and what usage policies firms employed to manage wireless investments. Via []Continue Reading

Paris Leads The Way In Free Wi-Fi Access

Paris is the top European city for free Wi-Fi access, according to a survey by Via []Continue Reading

Wireless LANs, IP Telephony To Boom

Spending on wireless LAN and IP telephony will double in four years, with government spending the most. Via []Continue Reading