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Wireless IDSes Defend Your Airspace

Wireless IDS solutions range from handheld products that are designed for on-the-spot troubleshooting at a point in time, to capabilities integrated into existing access points and managing switches, to distributed fleets of sensors that provide round-the-clock coverage. Via []Continue Reading

Product Review: Belkin F5D7231-4 Wireless G Router

At one time, wireless devices were notoriously difficult to set up for the non-technical user — not to mention their flaky performance and security features. Belkin’s F5D7231 router signals a shift in wireless networking toward user-friendly set-up, configuration and administration. Via []Continue Reading

Apple’s AirPort Express Worth Price, If You Use All The Features

Apple Computer’s new AirPort Express is a four-trick pony: It creates a portable wireless network, moves music around the house, shares a printer and can increase the range of your existing wireless setup. Via []Continue Reading

AirPort Express: A Bit Of ‘Geek Heaven’

Apple Computer Inc.’s new AirPort Express wireless access point is just the kind of toy we high-tech gadget freaks fall in love with. Via []Continue Reading

First Look: HP’s Thrice-Wireless PDA

IPaq H6300′s cellular and Wi-Fi support proves impressive, along with its handy digicam and other high-end features. Via []Continue Reading

WLAN Chipsets From Atheros, Marvell Win Praise

Analyst firm The Linley Group has awarded the title of best wireless LAN chipset to products from Atheros Corp. and Marvell Technology Group Ltd., the firm announced Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi On The Move

If you’re parked in a hotel room with a wired broadband connection, a new Wi-Fi solution can come to the wireless rescue. The Apple AirPort Express, a new $129 802.11g mobile Wi-Fi base station, offers what may be the most efficient design yet for roaming wirelessly. Via []Continue Reading

Entertaining Possibilities

The power, storage capacity, and flexibility of PCs make them perfect multimedia repositories—unless you actually want to enjoy your collected content. Somehow, spending the evening hunched over a computer just doesn’t have the same appeal as lounging on the sofa with your favorite tall, cool beverage. Multimedia receivers can free your entertainment from its shackles.Continue Reading

Wi-Fi TV Not Ready For Prime Time

For folks who have a tough time leaving their TV sets even to cook or use the bathroom, a few Japanese companies have come up with a way to let customers bring their tubes with them. Via []Continue Reading

Easy Wireless Networking Gets Boost From Microsoft

Fast and easy is what you want when you’re setting up a wireless home networking system. And Microsoft’s Wireless-G networking products come close to delivering just that. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Security Review: AirMagnet

Wireless networking has rapidly become the new way to upgrade systems and networks. It offers freedom of movement and flexibility in changing enterprise environments. Unfortunately, when the 802.11 protocol was developed, little thought went towards security. What security was applied — specifically WEP — was quickly broken. Today, it’s widely recognized that WEP provides littleContinue Reading

Review: Wireless LAN Security Monitors (Part 1 Of 2)

Network Computing examines tools from major vendors for keeping a wireless LAN secure after it’s built. The tools watch out for rogue access points and denial-of-service attacks and perform other tasks to keep attackers at bay. Via []Continue Reading

Swinging Into Wireless With Ease

Instead of linking users to physical ports for authentication, security and management, Trapeze focuses on user identities and transfers user attributes from one Mobility Exchange to another as the user roams the network. Via []Continue Reading

Pricey Wi-Fi For Xbox

If you’re ready to take your Xbox gaming console online, but you’re unwilling to string an ethernet cable from your home office to your living room, Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Adapter (MN-740) may be your ticket to play. Via []Continue Reading

Securing Wireless LANs

A couple of days ago the WI-FI Alliance finally announced that after almost one year of detailed testing, more than 175 products from some of the leading wireless manufacturers, received WPA certifications. The majority of wireless users won’t immediately buy the new hardware, so they are stuck with the equipment they are currently using. TheContinue Reading