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Wi-Fi To Your Car

If you can send MP3 files wirelessly around your house using 802.11b, why not pipe music via Wi-Fi to your family car as well? Wi-Fi can transfer music to an MP3 jukebox in the trunk when your car is in the garage or parked nearby. Via []Continue Reading

Round-up: 802.11g-based USB 2.0 Adapters

It took a while, but 802.11g-based USB adapters are now available from most vendors. In this mini-roundup, we’ll look at USB 2.0 offerings from four major vendors–Buffalo Technology, D-Link, IOGear, Linksys, and Netgear. Via []Continue Reading

Super G Doubles 802.11g Performance

Once upon a time, we were awed by the 11-Mbps top throughput of 802.11b wireless networking and were glad to have it. Then last year, the much faster 802.11g appeared, with its 54-Mbps data rate threshold and 802.11b compatibility. But if that still isn’t enough to keep your business or home network humming, consider theContinue Reading

Looking Back At Wireless Security In 2003

Wireless security is one of the hottest topics in our business. In the article you are just reading, I’ve tried to cover some of the most interesting wireless security topics and events in 2003. The article is divided into several thematical sections: general overview of the wireless security happenings, look back on some software tools,Continue Reading

Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Music

Imagine if you could deftly control your PC’s digital audio and direct it to your living room stereo using an iPod-like device. Via []Continue Reading

Review: Elite Solution Secures WLANs

The IEEE 802.11 committee has done a credible job developing workable wireless LAN standards that address the physical and data-link layers, but the absence of a standards-based security architecture is a big headache for organizations contemplating a large-scale rollout of WLAN services. Even before WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption got hacked last year, vendors andContinue Reading

AirMagnet 1.2 Reveals WLAN Trouble Spots

AirMagnet 1.2 is a no-frills wireless sniffer for the Pocket PC platform from startup AirMagnet. The sniffer is easy to use right out of the box, and in eWeek Labs’ tests the system provided consistently accurate information about WLAN traffic. AirMagnet is a great choice for network managers who need to perform wireless site surveysContinue Reading

Easy 802.11b Wireless For Small Businesses

Lots of small businesses across the nation are providing wireless access for their customers. Coffee shops and neighborhood cafes come to mind quickly because they are places where people gather for a little while and might want to replace reading the paper with reading their email. But any business that is providing a place forContinue Reading

The BIG Question: 802.11a Or 802.11b?

There’s no doubt that the most widely available and implemented wireless LANs today comply with the 802.11b standard. The recent availability of 802.11a radio cards and access points, however, introduces what is becoming another mainstream wireless LAN solution. If you’re planning the deployment of a wireless LAN, you now face making a decision on whichContinue Reading

Using Xircom Wireless On A College Campus

Have you ever looked out the window on a beautiful, sunny day and thought you’d rather be working under that nice shady tree, instead of sitting there in a stuffy office? As a network specialist with a small, local college and a member of the working group to bring 802.11b Ethernet wireless to our campus,Continue Reading