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AirWave Adds Master Console For Managing Access Points

AirWave Wireless Inc. this week will introduce the latest version of its wireless LAN management platform, which can track even more access points. Via []Continue Reading

Enhancing The Enhanced Security

Even though 802.11i has been done for a while and companies have been steadily announcing support for this finalized security standard, there have also been a rash of announcements talking about new security issues that 802.11i can’t prevent, such as DDOS attacks and holes in RADIUS servers. Such is the world of networking. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless IDSes Defend Your Airspace

Wireless IDS solutions range from handheld products that are designed for on-the-spot troubleshooting at a point in time, to capabilities integrated into existing access points and managing switches, to distributed fleets of sensors that provide round-the-clock coverage. Via []Continue Reading

CA To Unwrap WLAN Management Software

Computer Associates later this year will release the final version of an entirely new software product for managing and securing wireless LANs (WLANs), dubbed Wireless Site Management (WSM). Via []Continue Reading

What About Wireless Management Tools?

From an operations point of view, IT managers should treat wireless network infrastructure equipment in the same way as wire-line equipment. Doing so makes managing a wireless network a lot less cumbersome and a lot less expensive. Via []Continue Reading

Open Source WLAN Analyzers

ISPs looking for an open source WLAN analyzer have plenty of options. Via []Continue Reading

Kit Speeds Wireless-LAN Development On Linux

AbsoluteValue Systems Inc., an early supporter of IEEE 802.11-compliant chips on open-source platforms, is offering an embedded-software package that will support .11a/b/g chip sets on any Linux platform. The AVS 802.11 WLAN Development Platform marks AbsoluteValue’s turn away from original design manufacturers to a different customer base. Via []Continue Reading

Boingo Adds PDA Support For Wi-Fi Links

Boingo Wireless announced its Pocket Boingo Wi-Fi client has support for Windows Mobile 2003 available starting Wednesday with support for Palm OS to come later this summer. Via []Continue Reading

Gadgets Secure PCs On Public Wi-Fi

With the proliferation of hotspots comes a security risk of intrusions onto laptops or public PC kiosks connected to public Wi-Fi networks. Two companies have unveiled a solution: Plug-in hardware devices that lock down sensitive information and secure communications over both wireless and wired networks. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Surveying On The Pocket PC

Today, wireless networks are everywhere — at Starbucks, Burger King, airports, and so forth — and all provide wireless Internet access (for a fee). Finding commercial wireless operators is easy; very often, you’ll see signage hanging outside a coffee house or on the walls of a hotel lobby. If not, when you power up yourContinue Reading

Defenses Should Fit Wired, Wireless Nets

Laptops and mobile devices that access the corporate network behind the perimeter firewall have IT staffs scrambling to combat malicious threats introduced in a way that evades perimeter security measures. As the network perimeter dissolves, IT administrators must find solutions that provide granular access controls and capable zero-day worm defenses that are appropriate and manageableContinue Reading

CA Unveils Wireless Site Management

The product is designed to help address many of the management and security issues; the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Universal Heath Services are among the beta testers. Via []Continue Reading

Airpath Makes Wi-Fi Strides

Cometa Networks may be closing its doors, but the health of the Wi-Fi industry is robust, according to industry players. Case in point: Airpath Wireless’ Wi-Fi management platform is being used by roughly 500 wireless ISPs. Via []Continue Reading

Management: The New Wireless Challenge

Vendors roll out tools to help businesses manage growing networks. Via []Continue Reading

Powerful Wireless Security Tools For Free

For a network administrator or curious end-user looking to do basic sniffing of the airwaves for WLAN traffic and locations, Kismet, NetStumbler and AirSnort have a price that’s hard to beat. Via []Continue Reading