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Google’s Wi-Fi Plan For San Francisco Stirs Privacy Debate

As with any new project nowadays, privacy is becoming a concern with the Google-Earthlink plan to provide free WiFi to San Francisco. The debate stems from Google’s plan to pay for the service with targeted ads based on the users location. Since the system will know who’s signed on through user ID’s and will alsoContinue Reading

S.F. Picks Google, EarthLink

San franciso went with the Google/Earthlink partnership for bringing metro Wifi to the city. The partnership will be free for the city and provide free access to visitors and residents. There is talk of a pay service above the free, but presumably that means an ad free experience and uncapped speed. The decision was metContinue Reading

The Revolution Will Be Wireless

The City of Santa Monica is rolling out a Municipal Wi-Fi system in select parts of the city. The logic being that it’s another service the city can offer to it’s visitors and residents. With the number of high tech companies around, it makes the city just that more attactive if they can offer toContinue Reading

Google Employees’ Wireless Patents Published

Google was granted a few new patents for wireless. The patents cover several aspects of delivering ads from access points and modifying the browser look depending on the access point connected to. The idea is that in exchange for using the access for free, users will have ads show up on thier devices. While notContinue Reading

Google, EarthLink Submit S.F. Wi-Fi Plan

Google and EarthLink have teamed up to submit a proposal to create a city-wide wireless Internet network for San Francisco, officials said Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Startup Gets Funding From Google, Skype

Fon, of Spain, got $21.7 million in investor funding from Google, Skype, and other investors. Fon plans to create a global network of a million shared Wi-Fi hot-spots by 2010, using the same download, install, and share model that created the Skype network. Via []Continue Reading

Google Eyes How Mobile Devices Will Use City Wi-Fi

Google has met with mobile gear vendors including Motorola and Sony to explore how their devices might be able to take advantage of municipal Wi-Fi networks, an executive of the search company said Thursday. Via []Continue Reading

Google’s Free-Wi-Fi Offer Is Good For All In Mountain View

Free lunches do exist. It’s just that they’re pretty rare. So when you are offered one, you take it. Via []Continue Reading

Google Expands Coverage Offer To Mountain View

Internet search giant Google has offered to bring free wireless Internet, or WiFi, connections to Mountain View, the city of its corporate headquarters. Via []Continue Reading

Google Describes Its Wi-Fi Pitch

Google wrote grandly of the importance of Wi-Fi in its recent proposal for free wireless here, but the search company downplayed its own potential role in delivering Internet service. Via []Continue Reading

Free Wi-Fi? What’s Google Up To, Anyway?

Google’s recent bid to offer free Wi-Fi at 300 kilobits per second across the city of San Francisco struck some as being far outside the company’s area of expertise. So what’s this company up to, anyway? Via []Continue Reading

Google’s Wireless Plans May Pose Threat To Telecom Companies

Telecom and cable providers are already at battle with a number of government municipalities that are launching free or low-cost Internet services for their communities. Now Google could join the fray with its proposal to provide such services in San Francisco. If chosen as a provider, Google could compete with the city’s local telephone andContinue Reading