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Earthlink Shifts Municipal Wi-Fi Strategy

Earthlink has abandoned its original business strategy for municipal wireless networks. “We’re also beginning a dialog with the municipalities that we’ve partnered with, and that we’re considering partnering with,” said Earthlink President and CEO Rolla P. Huff. “The Wi-Fi business as currently constituted will not provide an acceptable return … We’re going to look forContinue Reading

EarthLink Scales Back, Focuses Muni Wi-Fi Effort

EarthLink’s latest move is sending minor shockwaves through the Wi-Fi community. The company has decided to turn its attention away from municipalities and focus on existing deals and big cities. The company cites its first quarter earnings, or losses rather, as the reason for its shift in focus. With a loss of $30 million theContinue Reading

EarthLink To Offer Wi-Fi Handsets

EarthLink has a new Wi-Fi phone, which may be hitting the market this summer. Currently in beta tests, the phone will let you make calls over the Internet through wireless broadband connections. To push this initiative along, EarthLink has been working with a number of cities to establish municipal Wi-Fi networks. The EarthLink phone andContinue Reading

EarthLink Aims For New Municipal Wi-Fi Contract

EarthLink is looking to clinch a contract for a 23-square-mile wireless network in Pasadena, California. The Pasadena deal, if it pushes through, will be the ISP’s fourth muni-wireless contract in the state — the company is likewise running similar projects in Anaheim, Milpitas and San Francisco. Earthlink launched its first Californian network in Anaheim, whichContinue Reading

Anaheim’s First Taste Of EarthLink Muni Wi-Fi

Anaheim’s municipal wireless network was finally fired up. The network, installed and run by Earthlink is a taste of what’s to come. The network has not had it’s share of problems. Interference and poor infoor penetration are problems still being worked out. The network has no plans for free service, but does have reasonable costContinue Reading

Why EarthLink Needs Wi-Fi To Work

ISP’s are facing a problem. Dial-up is dying and broadband is levelling off. How do you get new customers to continue growth? Well, for Earthlink, they are betting thier chips in WiFi in San Francisco, hoping that they can make a go of it. After many years of renting other companies infrastructure, it will beContinue Reading

S.F. Picks Google, EarthLink

San franciso went with the Google/Earthlink partnership for bringing metro Wifi to the city. The partnership will be free for the city and provide free access to visitors and residents. There is talk of a pay service above the free, but presumably that means an ad free experience and uncapped speed. The decision was metContinue Reading

Walk On The Wireless Side: EarthLink Has Plan For Hub

A proposal from Internet service provider EarthLink Inc. to unwire Boston would deliver cheap broadband access to residents at no cost to the city, according to an EarthLink blueprint circulating among city officials. Via []Continue Reading

Google, EarthLink Submit S.F. Wi-Fi Plan

Google and EarthLink have teamed up to submit a proposal to create a city-wide wireless Internet network for San Francisco, officials said Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading

EarthLink, Motorola Sign Wi-Fi Contract

Internet service provider EarthLink Inc. said Thursday it signed a contract with Motorola Inc. under which the cell phone maker would provide wireless equipment and related services for the initial five cities where EarthLink will set-up municipal wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, broadband Internet access networks. Via []Continue Reading

EarthLink Gambles On Wireless

This year will be the year that EarthLink, one of the country’s largest ISPs, decided to cast its future success with wireless communications. Via []Continue Reading

Q&A With Boingo Wireless’ Sky Dayton

The Wi-Fi-network aggregator’s founder sees unlimited potential for the technology — if it gets much easier to use. Via []Continue Reading

EarthLink Hooks Up To Wireless Broadband

Internet service provider EarthLink will work with Digitalpath Networks to offer wireless broadband access in certain Northern California cities, under a deal to be announced Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading

EarthLink Sets Up Shop With Wi-Fi

EarthLink added Wi-Fi to its arsenal of wireless offerings on Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading