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iPass And T-Mobile Agree On Wi-Fi Access Across Europe

T-mobile has teamed up with ipass to allow customers to use other ipass partner companies access points throughout europe. It’s moves like this that make hotspots easier to use. Rather than having to buy 8 different access cards, you just need onecard or code, and only one fee to access hotspots everywhere. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Enthusiast Cisco Makes A Pass At iPass

Cisco has invested in wireless hotspot aggregator iPass, along with voice recognition firm Nuance and Lumera, a firm that makes polymers used in wireless antennae, biotech chips and electrical-optical converters. Via []Continue Reading

iPass Finally Lands BT Wi-Fi Deal

Mobile workers with an iPass subscription can now get access to BT Openzone, as the two companies have finally reached a roaming deal. Via []Continue Reading

IPass Tees Up Flat-Rate Wi-Fi Package

On Monday iPass announced an addition to its security capabilities, Endpoint Policy Management, which ensures that the software and operating systems connected to the enterprise network are updated remotely and automatically. The company also offers usage records. Via []Continue Reading

IPass Gets Onboard With Train Wi-Fi

IPass teamed up with Wi-Fi operator Broadreach on Wednesday, adding another section of the UK’s public Internet access market to its ‘global broadband roaming’ network. Via []Continue Reading