Industry Spellbound By Future Of WiMax

Over the last few months, interest in WiMax has intensified as indicated by commitments from various companies to develop networks and offer services using the technology. According to Joe Nardone of Intel, initially, “the industry as a whole had a lot of doubts and was very skeptical of WiMax,” but “now with Sprint and Clearwire adopting it in the U.S., it’s an indication that it was the right technology.” Mass adoption of WiMax, however, faces two major challenges: one, acquiring licensed spectrum, which is considered an expensive and scarce resource that the federal goverment sells at auction, and establishing standards on which services will be based. Nardone said: “We don’t have a clear vision of what the applications and services are going to look like, but we have a strong feeling that what they could be is a whole next wave of innovation.”
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