Wi-Fi Finally Discovers Its Voice

Voice over WiFi is set to become a mainstream technology in view of the current developments in the market. Nokia has unveiled handsets that would run Wi-Fi voice along with 3G and GSM operations. In Singapore, SingTel is now offering dual-mode service that will allow Nokia E60, E61 and N80 phones to perform VoIP calls through the company’s hotspots and mobile networks. BT’s Fusion service makes use of a handset that can make wireless voice calls through a broadband connection as well as the usual mobile network, and can shift calls from Blouetooth connection to GSM when users move out of the coverage area. Prices of these devices are likely to go down in the future, particularly with plans by Cambridge Silicon Radio to introduce its Wi-Fi VoIP phone, Univox, and sell it for less than $20.
Via [itweek.co.uk]

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