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How Secure Are WiFi Phones?

WiFi phones and security are somewhat at odds with each other. Using WPA/WPA2 enterprise on a WiFi phone introduces latency issues when users roam from one AP to another. Some Phones support WPA/WPA2-PSK, but even that introduces problem since the phone is authenticated but not the user. Via []Continue Reading

The Cloud Launches Its First Wi-Fi Hotzone

The Cloud launched it’s first wireless hotspot in Manchester. The company worked a content deal with the Manchester Evening News to provide free access to the papers site in exchange for advertising the pay for use portion of the service. The Cloud aims for 9 more hotspot installations. Via []Continue Reading

Pipex Moves Closer To WiMax Launch

Pipex is nearly ready to launch WiMax services. Initially targeting public services, the services aims to fill the gap in internet access in areas with poor broadband service. Full rollout is expected in Mid-2007. Via []Continue Reading

Dell Launches Unapproved 802.11n Wi-Fi Card

Dell is offering Pre-N wireless cards in thier Inspiron line of notebooks. Using an unapproved version of the spec, the cards are backwards compatible with b/g/a networks. The official version of the 802.11n spec is not due until 2007. No word if the cards are upgradable in the even they are not compatible with theContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Cloud Begins To Cover Manhattan

NuVisions is slowly covering Manhattan with wireless access. Thier technology provides interior WiFi to buildings, but also allows them to offer WiFi in the general vicinity of the building. As more properties get setup, the cloud gets bigger. The already have coverage in some key spots in the city and are looking at setting upContinue Reading

Beware The WiMAX Cul-De-Sac

New Zealand is headed for a big set of problems with WiMax. The current spectrum allocations are being under-utilized, are small slices (7MHz), owned by telco incumbants that already have invested in 3G networks, and won’t be reallocated until 2010. This means that anyone wanting to compete using WiMax will have significant problems. This can’tContinue Reading

Philly Wi-Fi Project Gets CEO

Wireless Philadelphia has chosen a CEO for the non-profit to head up the effort to cover Philadelphia with wireless from Earthlink. Greg Goldman will oversee the installation, starting with a 15 sqare mile area and expanding out to 135 square miles covering the city. Via []Continue Reading

Extricom Promises Air-Tight WiFi

Extricom has added technology from Airtight Networks to shore up the security on thier blanket WiFi product line. The technology will hopefully make them a contender in the wireless security market. Via []Continue Reading

Crazy-Long Hacker Sentence Upheld

A Federal appeals court upheld the 9 year sentence for Brian Salcedo for his role in the wireless intrusion and attempted credit card theft at a Michigan Lowes hardware. The sentence is the longest ever handed down for a computer crime. Some question the harshness of the sentence given that other credit card fraud schemesContinue Reading

NZ Spectrum Debate Highlights WiMAX Regulatory Dilemma

The coming of WiMax seems to be creating a bit of debate in countries like New Zealand where regulators want to revoke licenses for valuable WiMax spectrum and re-auction it off, presumably for a great amount of profit. Companies who currently own the spectrum are crying foul as big companies will be the only onesContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Wars

The dark side of offering free wireless internet access is showing. Freeloaders, those who might buy one cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or maybe even nothing at all are becomeing a problem for many shop owners. Some are reconsidering offering free WiFi or just unplugging it when it’s a problem. Owners and consumersContinue Reading

Anaheim’s First Taste Of EarthLink Muni Wi-Fi

Anaheim’s municipal wireless network was finally fired up. The network, installed and run by Earthlink is a taste of what’s to come. The network has not had it’s share of problems. Interference and poor infoor penetration are problems still being worked out. The network has no plans for free service, but does have reasonable costContinue Reading

U.S. Wireless Online Wins Pittsburgh Wi-Fi Deal

US Wireless has won the contract to cover Pittsburgh’s downtown business district and Golden Triangle and some other areas. The system will allow for 2 free hours a day with day passes and high speed passes for sale as well. US Wireless also operates networks in Los Angeles and Baton Rouge. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Blackberry Coming This Year

Blackberry addicts rejoice! WiFi/cellular dual mode is coming. The dual mode will mean that WiFi enabled business and campuses can reduce the cellular data usage, but still allow travel and roaming. Also planned is blackberry software for other devices such as palm handhelds. Via []Continue Reading

Hackers Put Linux Back Into Linksys WiFi Routers

Hardware hackers have reclaimed the WRT54G v5 from Linksys. The version 5 of the ubiquitous wireless router swtiched from a linux based OS to a Vxworks proprietary system. The hackers have figured out a way to replace the bootloader with a linux friendly one and load linux onto them. The reduced memory of the versionContinue Reading