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Cisco Details Wireless LAN Vulnerabilities

Cisco announced two severe vulnerabilities in Wireless Control System software. The vulnerabilities could lead to attackers gaining encryption keys, and in one case, full control of the administration utility. Cisco is planning an update soon. Via []Continue Reading

Senate Moves To Ease Municipal Wi-Fi

Due to pressure from telco companies fearing subsidized competition, several states have passed regulations preventing municipalities from providing municipal WiFi services to it’s residents. The US senate noticed this and is proposing legeslation that would allow municipalities to provide services, with some considerations for telco’s. This legislation might have trouble though as it’s caught inContinue Reading

BellSouth Plans Significant WiMax Test With Alcatel

Bellsouth is starting to test mobile WiMax. Using thier licensed part of the 2.3Ghz spectrum and Alcatel equipment, Bellsouth is looking at mobile WiMax, but also fixed WiMax for areas that are not serviced by DSL connections. Costs and scarcity of spectrum are causing headaches for WiMax deployment in the US, where companies like SprintContinue Reading

Study: Wi-Fi Cell Phones Will Hit It Big

WiFi capable cell phones were once considered a threat to cellular telco revenue streams, but that perception appears to be changing. With about 20 WiFi capable phones on the market already, the telco’s and particularly VOIP providers are looking at the convergance of technology to solve some problems and boost other revenue streams. 132 MillionContinue Reading

Why We Must Get 802.11n Right

802.11n is very important to the industy, that’s why they should be sure to get it right. There are a large number of problems with the current proposal that need to be smoothed over to prevent interoperabilty problems and interference with legacy equipment. Homefully they get it right or things will be very interesting. ViaContinue Reading

Poor Wi-Fi Drivers Can Expose Laptops

Drivers are the next playground for WiFi attackers. Improperly written drivers can fail in spectacular ways. 2 researchers are planning on showing off the results of thier use of the tool ‘lorcon’ at Blackhat USA to sieve control of wireless hosts through this new technique. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Drivers Open Laptops To Hackers

Wireless security just got a whole lot more complicated. Researchers from ISS, using freely available tools, have found that the drivers for some wireless devices are vulnerable to attack. Using lorcon, a wireless packet fuzzer, they were able to get wireless cars to fail in interesting and sometimes frightening ways. They are holding back detailsContinue Reading

Samsung Promises WiMax/GSM Phone

Samsung is getting ready in a big way to jump on WiMax. They are preparing a GSM/WiMax phone as well as PCMCIA cards and base stations for fixed and mobile WiMax. The first products should be seen in the first half of 2007. Via []Continue Reading

WiMAX Poised For Global Domination

WiMax seems poised to dominate the mobile wireless market in the coming years. CDMA and 3G chip developers are getting serious interest from thier customers about WiMax. The keys seems to be the diverse ownership of WiMax technology patents, many companies own them, rather than just one as is the case with CDMA. Given theContinue Reading

First Dual-Mode WiMax And CDMA Phone Revealed

Samsung is first out of the gate with a dual mode CDMA/WiMax phone. Details are scarce, but it appears to use a Korean variant of WiMax called WiBro. No details on availablity but it is a step in the direction of convergance. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco Introduces Stackable WLAN Controller

Cisco has released a new line of stackable WLAN controllers to it’s catalyst line. The new controllers bring cisco back into competition with companies like Aruba in terms of features like wireless roaming. The new switches will hopefully help fill the demand for more port density in the wiring closet for the increased user demand.Continue Reading

Aruba To Speed Up User Authentication

Aruba Networks is set to release some new gear to greatly increase the speed of authentication for large wireless networks. The technology moves authentication away from a central server into the hardware of the network controller, offering up to 1000 authentications a second with EAP. Other announced improvements include features to allow for WLAN authenticationContinue Reading

IEEE Suspends Wireless Group

The IEEE has suspended the 802.20 working group that was working on alternatives to WiMax. The group was suspended after infighting over which companies technology would be adopted. This delay means that WiMax should be the clear front runner for high speed wireless for the forseeable future. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Network Companies To Watch

In the fast paced world of wireless development, there are a number of companies to watch. It could be using wireless for equipment monitoring, convergance phones, location tracking, customer relations software, or high speed data. Whatever the application there are some interesting times ahead. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Startup Takes Money Raised To $65 Million

Ember Corp, a ZigBee start up has raised another $12 million for a total venture capital investment of $65 Million. ZigBee technology (Short range wireless connectivity) is expected to be $1 billion between 2008 and 2010. Ember Corp seems to be in a good position to become a player. Via []Continue Reading