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Want To Write For

It’s not every day that we post things like this, but this may end up being a turning point of some sort. With the growth and popularity of continuing at a remarkable rate, the idea of adding some Wi-Fi/WiMAX/Wireless fanatics to the mix sounds pretty promising. To write for you don’t need toContinue Reading

Symantec Begins Wireless Security Initiative

Symantec and the Internet Education Foundation launched a consumer wireless education effort Tuesday initially aimed at the country’s 56 million wireless Internet users. Via []Continue Reading

Company To Bring WiFi Service To Toronto

Toronto Hydro Telecom Inc. announced plans Tuesday to blanket downtown Toronto with wireless WiFi coverage, allowing laptops to log onto the Internet anywhere within the zone, from park benches to cars and cafeterias. Via []Continue Reading

Seagate To Demo Wireless USB Hard Drive

Seagate Technology will demonstrate an external hard drive connected to the PC via Wireless USB ultrawideband, the company said Monday. Via []Continue Reading

Airbee Wireless Deepens Commitment To ZigBee

Airbee Wireless is aiming to make ZigBee implementation a bit easier for OEMs through the creation of a new business services unit that will focus on assisting in application development, protocol stack feature modification and network deployment support. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Tries Double Time

What a difference a year makes. A year ago we tested first-generation 802.11g access points and found them to be less than impressive, delivering pokey transfer rates and limited range. Via []Continue Reading

The Future Of Wireless Networks

“Right now we are still in the convergence transition period, with a lot of different applications and operating systems out there that need to be put together,” said Phil Redman of Gartner. “There’s no standardized format for this yet — it’s like a puzzle where the pieces have been all shaken up and now theyContinue Reading

Introduction To NetStumbler

For a Swiss Army knife of wireless network diagnostics, “NetStumbler” is saddled with a somewhat unfortunate name. Although it implies a sort of blind luck, NetStumbler is actually most useful for pinpointing details of a wireless network, helping you configure, secure, optimize and discover. Via []Continue Reading

Ricochet Making A Comeback, Targets A Wireless Niche

Ricochet, the early wireless Internet provider once the darling of Silicon Valley geeks, is making a bid to return to the Bay Area. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Watershed

Uptake of wireless is growing across a number of industry sectors as the technology matures. Cath Everett reports on the motivations for adoption and the benefits that wireless can bring. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco CIO Slams Wireless Industry

Cisco ClO Brad Boston found there was no single place to buy all the software he needed to power a mobile workforce, and his team had to cobble together components to secure and manage the devices and enable remote access to corporate data. “When I talk to my peers, they all have the same problem,”Continue Reading

Philadelphia To Offer Wi-Fi For Under $20 Per Month

Cable and DSL broadband providers in Philadelphia are breathing easier Thursday after the city announced its final Wi-Fi contract with EarthLink that seeks to keep retail prices under $20 a month for individual customers. Verizon Communications, which had resisted the citywide wireless broadband deployment, currently offers DSL at $14.95 a month, for instance. Via []Continue Reading

Chip Companies Argue Over Next-Gen Wi-Fi

The simmering spat between Airgo Networks and Broadcom erupted into the open at the Globalpress Summit Conference in Monterey yesterday. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Goes WiMAX In Saudi Arabia

Intel’s operations in Saudi Arabia have achieved a regional first by adopting WiMAX technology to support their communication needs through Integrated Telecom Co. Via []Continue Reading

Texas Instruments Announces WiMax Portfolio

This week, Texas Instruments made a series of announcements regarding its portfolio of WiMax chips. In addition to collaborations with ArrayComm and Mercury Computer Systems on the development of WiMax products, the company introduced a new line of digital and analog solutions for WiMax applications. Via []Continue Reading