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Burning Man Vets Bring Wi-Fi To Katrina Region

As veterans of Burning Man, the annual art festival held in a remote Nevada desert, Tom Price and a group of about 20 others who have been volunteering with post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction in Mississippi are used to persevering in forbidding environments. Via []Continue Reading

Phila. To Detail Its Contract For Universal Wi-Fi Service

The city-sponsored nonprofit that will run Mayor Street’s efforts to bring wireless Internet access to all 135 square miles of Philadelphia is set today to finally announce details of its contract with the Atlanta firm that will build the network. Via []Continue Reading

IBM’s WPAN Chipset Aims To Replace High-Def Cables, Bluetooth

The breakthrough bipolar CMOS (BiCMOS) chip announced today by IBM at the International Solid State Circuits Conference may be exactly what the IEEE had in mind when it convened task force 802.15.3c in March of last year. But the chip that would make it possible for high-definition CE devices to stream content between each otherContinue Reading

Wibiki Strives For Wi-Fi Ubiquity

Earlier this year, New York City-based Speedus Corp. began the public beta testing of its free Wi-Fi access service, Wibiki. Launched as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Speedus, Wibiki (pronounced “why-BIH-kee”) aims to make it easier, safer, and more affordable to share Wi-Fi access. Via []Continue Reading

Symantec Ranks Houston High In Wi-Fi Security Survey

Wireless networking has become the dominant way in which home users network their computers. WiFi is fast, fairly easy to set up and relatively inexpensive. Via []Continue Reading

Patent Spat Breaks Out In Wi-Fi Security

Two young wi-fi intrusion prevention system vendors have come to blows over their patents, setting the stage for a messy intellectual property dispute. Via []Continue Reading

Symbol, Terabeam Settle Patent Suit

Symbol Technologies Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with Terabeam, Inc., the parent company of Proxim Wireless Corp., settling long-standing patent litigation between the two companies. Via []Continue Reading

Corporate Customers Spend Big On Wireless Data

Large business-customers are spending big on wireless data, which is good news for mobile operators that have spent billions on building new high-speed networks. Via []Continue Reading

Fabless Firms Team Up On WiMAX Platform

A silicon collaboration between fabless firms picoChip and Wintegra has resulted in a wireless system development platform for WiMAX basestations. Via []Continue Reading

To Russia With WiMax

How do you know when you’re doing wireless ex-Soviet style? Via []Continue Reading

WiMax: ‘Too Slow, Too Expensive And Not Enough Regulation’

Traditional broadband players and mobile operators will be giving WiMax a wide berth for the years to come, new research predicts. Via []Continue Reading

Unfurling Wireless Mesh

The port city of Corpus Christi, Texas, has attached 300 wireless access points to traffic signals, streetlights, water and radio towers, and buildings to provide a blanket of IP network access across 24 square miles. Within five years, city officials plan to expand that to 1,600 wireless access points spread across 147 square miles. ViaContinue Reading

City Wi-Fi Sounds Great, If It Can Really Connect

Signal strength, capacity, and efforts by telecom vendors to stop cheap municipal wireless could threaten deployments from San Francisco to Chicago. Via []Continue Reading

Dawn Of The Wireless Utopias

For $12 a month, a Taipei resident can tote a laptop computer to the park and watch cable television. Via []Continue Reading

Walk On The Wireless Side: EarthLink Has Plan For Hub

A proposal from Internet service provider EarthLink Inc. to unwire Boston would deliver cheap broadband access to residents at no cost to the city, according to an EarthLink blueprint circulating among city officials. Via []Continue Reading