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Wi-Fi RFID Tackles Medicine

Radio Frequency identification, or RFID, a high-tech solution to replace barcodes as the number one way to track assets and automatically collect data in any organization, is quickly taking on a life of its own as companies like Wal-Mart begin using it to make sure no widgets are misplaced. Via []Continue Reading

Corporate Wi-Fi Integration, Part 2

Whether you’re considering supporting mobile Wi-Fi users abroad so they can use the technology while traveling or you’re installing a wireless system on your campus or corporate headquarters, having a proven and secure method for enterprise travelers to connect to high-speed Internet-based services is critical for doing business outside the confines of your office. ViaContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Trains Get Two-way Satellite

A bi-directional satellite link will make train Wi-Fi more of a business service, says 21Net, but its arrival in the UK may face delays. Via []Continue Reading

Manage Your Company Wireless Network Hardware To Prevent Security Breaches

Adding wireless components to an established local area network can cause confusion and declining confidence in security. Here’s how to manage expansion without compromising network integrity. Via []Continue Reading

When Wi-Fi Won’t Fly

We have six birds–three hens, two bantams, and one speckled rooster named Colorful. Mostly they stay in the coop, but every morning before dawn, Colorful escapes and patrols the neighborhood. I wanted to see how he was getting out (without crawling out of bed at 4 a.m.), so I decided to install a wireless WebcamContinue Reading

What Is Wardriving And How Can You Prevent It

Imagine a car equipped with nothing more than a laptop computer, a portable GPS receiver, and a wireless network card slowly strolls through your neighborhood. Via []Continue Reading

3Com Leaps Into Wireless LAN Switching

Networking industry veteran 3Com Corp. is jumping into the wireless LAN switching fray through a partnership with Trapeze Networks Inc. that promises to push wireless technology throughout the company’s current product line. Via []Continue Reading

AirWave Adds Master Console For Managing Access Points

AirWave Wireless Inc. this week will introduce the latest version of its wireless LAN management platform, which can track even more access points. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Security Doesn’t Have To Mean Slow

With performance at a premium for enterprises packing their WLANs with heavy-duty applications such as voice over IP, wireless gear makers are finding ways to improve the speed and security of the networks. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless IDSes Defend Your Airspace

Wireless IDS solutions range from handheld products that are designed for on-the-spot troubleshooting at a point in time, to capabilities integrated into existing access points and managing switches, to distributed fleets of sensors that provide round-the-clock coverage. Via []Continue Reading

Three Plead Guilty To Trying To Hack Into Lowe’s Computer

Three Michigan men have pleaded guilty to charges that they conspired to hack into the national computer system of the Lowe’s home improvement chain to steal credit card information, federal authorities said Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading

Airespace’s Mission: Lead Wireless Access Pack

Last year, the wireless LAN industry was inundated with startups hoping to make their mark with centralized wireless LAN management platforms. Today, major incumbent WLAN players such as Cisco Systems Inc. and Symbol Technologies Inc. consider just two of those startups as formidable competition: Aruba Wireless Networks Inc. and Airespace Inc., both of which reportedContinue Reading

Wireless Network Passes University Test

Managing a wireless network that spans more than 900 acres is no mean feat. So when Maurice Ficklin had the chance to participate in a device management study with two major technology companies, he jumped at the opportunity. Via []Continue Reading

CA To Unwrap WLAN Management Software

Computer Associates later this year will release the final version of an entirely new software product for managing and securing wireless LANs (WLANs), dubbed Wireless Site Management (WSM). Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Upstart Scores $42 Million In Funding

Aruba Wireless Networks, a wireless-switch start-up, is adding cash to its coffers and signing up new partners, as it puts the heat on big players in the wireless market, such as Cisco Systems. Via []Continue Reading