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Wi-Fi Music Player Gets Serious

Slim Devices, best known for the squeezebox, have released a lossless format player for audiophiles. The player, named Transporter streams lossless codecs like Flac and wav over WiFi into the audiophiles stereo system. The system can apparantly provide better quality than high end CD players. Via []Continue Reading

Freescale, Wavesat Partner On WiMax CPEs

Freescale will be providing reference designs for a variety of WiMax devices in partnership with Wavesat. The designs cover business and residential gateways for fixed WiMax. The partnership keeps both companies from reinventing the wheel and they can get into the WiMax market quickly. Via []Continue Reading

WiFi In Your Washer

The lowly washing machine is getting an upgrade. An alliance of big name appliance and computer companies are running trials on WiFi enabled washing machines that can alert users about when the laundry is done and also allow control of starting, stopping and the cycle of the washing machine through email, cell phone or instantContinue Reading

Wireless HDTV Company Raises $14 Million

A second round of private venture funding yielded $14 million for Amimon Inc., thus bringing the total investment to $21 million to include the sum raised in a previous round that took place in January 2005. Amimon plans to come out with a wireless video modem chipset for high-definition video streaming, which it expects toContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Seen Limiting Battery Life On MS iPod Rival

The rumored WiFi capabilities of the upcoming Microsoft ‘Zune’ MP3 player may doom the product from the beginning. Battery life may become a huge issue as WiFi is a very large draw on batteries in portable devices. Details are thin at this time, however it seems that unless Microsoft can included extra features and similarContinue Reading

Dell Launches Unapproved 802.11n Wi-Fi Card

Dell is offering Pre-N wireless cards in thier Inspiron line of notebooks. Using an unapproved version of the spec, the cards are backwards compatible with b/g/a networks. The official version of the 802.11n spec is not due until 2007. No word if the cards are upgradable in the even they are not compatible with theContinue Reading

Extricom Promises Air-Tight WiFi

Extricom has added technology from Airtight Networks to shore up the security on thier blanket WiFi product line. The technology will hopefully make them a contender in the wireless security market. Via []Continue Reading

Lycos Launches Free Wi-Fi Search Tool

Lycos has created an online database to help people locate Wi-Fi hotspots in the U.K. The database includes details on more than 10,000 connections in 1,500 towns including free-to-access Wi-Fi points and fee-based hotspots provided by such companies like T-Mobile, The Cloud and BT. The downloadable tool also provides information on hotspots in Sweden, Spain,Continue Reading

Give Your Mobile Device 802.11g Power

Socket Communications unveiled its new SDIO (Secure Digital Input/Output) card that allows for 802.11g wireless LAN connectivity in Windows-supported mobile devices. The Go Wi-Fi! P300 card, which comes with Wi-Fi Companion connectivity and management software, is sold for $99. The Socket’s website provides a list of devices that are compatible with this new card. ViaContinue Reading

Warning: Your Wi-Fi Is Vulnerable To Attack

At the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, two researchers showed how criminals can attack laptops due to a flaw in WiFi card software. David Maynor of SecureWorks and independent researcher Jon Ellch, aka Johnny Cache, opted for a video presentation instead of a live demo so as not to provide too much informationContinue Reading

Closing The Digital Divide With Solar Wi-Fi

Green Wi-Fi is looking to develop cheap solar-powered WiFi networks in the hope of bridging the digital divide in developing countries. The non-profit group has obtained funding from the One Laptop Per Child initiative to enable it to build and test prototype nodes, each of which will include a battery-powered router and a solar panelContinue Reading

AirMagnet Unleashes Wi-Fi Voice Analyzer

AirMarget has released Vo-Fi Analyzer, an application that can assess a wireless network’s capacity to support all the voice calls made by enterprise employees through a WiFi handset. The software enables a network architect to spot weak coverage spots, packet latency that could cause dropped calls and IP PBX problems. Vo-Fi Analyzer is being usedContinue Reading

Skype Introduces Wi-Fi Phones

Skype users who want more mobility may opt for the new Wi-Fi phones that are due to hit the market in the third quarter of this year. The handsets will be pre-loaded with Skype software and will allow subscribers to use open Wi-Fi access points that do not need browser authentication to make calls. ForContinue Reading

Hackers Put Linux Back Into Linksys WiFi Routers

Hardware hackers have reclaimed the WRT54G v5 from Linksys. The version 5 of the ubiquitous wireless router swtiched from a linux based OS to a Vxworks proprietary system. The hackers have figured out a way to replace the bootloader with a linux friendly one and load linux onto them. The reduced memory of the versionContinue Reading

Wireless Network Companies To Watch

In the fast paced world of wireless development, there are a number of companies to watch. It could be using wireless for equipment monitoring, convergance phones, location tracking, customer relations software, or high speed data. Whatever the application there are some interesting times ahead. Via []Continue Reading