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BT Unveils 3G Wi-Fi Combo

BT has launched a combined Wi-Fi, 3G and GPRS tariff for road warriors and other business folk on the move. Via []Continue Reading

D-Link Announces 3G Compatible Internet Camera

D-Link is introducing a new D-Link Internet Camera with 3G compatibility will be added to its line of IP surveillance products. The new camer offers the ability to view live video streams from a 3G cell phone. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi-To-3G Router Debuts

In an unusual twist, Top Global has introduced a Wi-Fi router/gateway that uses 3G EVDO wireless as a backhaul, for rural areas without access to a wired ISP. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon Embeds 3G For Wi-Fi Challenge

With its 3G data network all dressed up and with nowhere to go, Verizon is courting PC notebook OEMs and cutting prices. Today it announced deals to embed CDMA EV-DO chips with the top three US PC manufacturers, Dell, Lenovo and HP, in their notebook PCs. Verizon’s monthly tariff falls to $60 – half whatContinue Reading

O2 Confirms 3G, Wi-Fi Smart Phone

O2 UK has formally announced the O2 XDA Exec, the network’s own-brand version of HTC’s Universal 3G clamshell smart phone. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco, Linksys And Vodafone Unveil 3G/UMTS Wireless Router

The Linksys WRT54G3G Wireless-G Router, although not the first to offer this technology, will connect up to 5 remote WLAN users to the internet via a Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS data card. Via []Continue Reading

D-Link To Sell Wireless Broadband Wi-Fi Router

WLAN equipment vendor D-Link said Monday that it will ship a wireless router that will distribute wireless broadband 3G cellular data access via Wi-Fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Survey Shows Users Confused Over Wi-Fi, 3G And GPRS / Wi-Fi

Tatara Systems has published the results of business user research into wireless data communications usage, which shows that most users do not understand the differences between 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi; that Wi-Fi use through hotspots is more popular than Wi-Fi use at home, and that laptop users buy coffee just so they can access hotspots.Continue Reading

Cellular Operators Engaging With WiMax To Cause Market Changes, Firm Says

WiMax is shaking up the cellular market, according to the latest data from ABI Research. Via []Continue Reading

Trials Show Seamless 3G/Wi-Fi Handoff

Nortel has completed trials that it says prove the viability of seamless and secure roaming and hand-off between 3G cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson GC99 Wi-Fi/3G Wireless PC Card

Sony Ericsson has announced their new 3G/Wi-Fi wireless PC card which blends both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity into the one card. The GC99 works with both 80211g and 802.11a access points on the Wi-Fi end. On the 3G end it has the capability to connect to regular GSM (quad-band) dial up, and GPRS packet-switched communications.Continue Reading

Motorola In Field Trials Of Wi-Fi/Cell Handoff Technology

Motorola said Tuesday that it has started field trials of its Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology that it claims will provide seamless handoffs between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

3.7GHz Mixer Suited For 3G And WiFi

An active downconverting RF mixer from Linear Technology can be used in 3G mobile basestations with its operating frequency range of 3.7GHz. Via []Continue Reading

Taxicab Wi-Fi? Access Point Combines Wi-Fi And 3G

Wireless LAN equipment vendor Telabria unveiled a public-access point that can use 3G cellular data service to connect users to the Internet, allowing access by Wi-Fi-enabled devices from unusual locations. Via []Continue Reading

Cellular Internet Taps Wi-Fi’s Speed

Here’s something to think about: What if wherever your cellphone worked you also could set up a high-speed Internet network? Via []Continue Reading