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When Wi-Fi Meets Cellular

The dual-mode iPaq H6315 lets users switch between GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi networks as they travel. “The device automatically notifies you as you enter a Wi-Fi hot spot and switches to the fastest network available, allowing you to maintain your Internet session as you travel from your home, to Starbucks, to the airport, to a businessContinue Reading

WiMAX, 3G Could Collide

WiMAX and more traditional wireless technologies are on a collision course, two analyst groups concluded in independent reports. Via []Continue Reading

VoIP A Threat To 3G Voice?

Wireless voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks could end up challenging 3G mobile operators’ revenues from voice minutes, according to a new report. Via []Continue Reading

Vodafone Preps 3G, Wi-Fi Palmtop Smart Phone

Vodafone is to offer Taiwanese smart phone maker HTC’s Universal palmtop 3G/Wi-Fi smart phone, along with the manufacturer’s compact PDA-phone, Magician. Via []Continue Reading

WiMAX Turns The Screw On 3G

Broadband wireless gained a bad name in the US in the late 1990s when companies such as Teligent failed spectacularly. But WiMAX is ushering in a brand new economic picture for such operators. Not only will standardization push down prices by fostering competition and volume, but spectrum suited to the technology is being auctioned cheaplyContinue Reading

3G Can Hold Own Against WiMax Says Nokia

In a panel discussion with UK journalists in Helsinki last week, leading figures in Nokia’s technology platforms and networks businesses explained that much of the hype associated with WiMax, which in some quarters has been labeled a 3G-killer, arise from some basic misunderstandings about radio technology and the economics of network rollout. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi To Hurt 3G Profits, Study Says

Wireless operators won’t earn as much from their investments in 3G wireless access because of decreasing prices for other options such as Wi-Fi, a new study says. Via []Continue Reading

55 Million Will Go For Wi-Fi And Mobile Convergence

Wi-Fi and mobile are set to make even close bedfellows in the coming months, new research has found. Via []Continue Reading

WiMAX Advocates Tout 3G Coexistence

The much-hyped WiMAX wireless broadband technology is an obvious play for cellular operators around the world and will fit nicely with a 3G network, several speakers said at the Wireless Communications Association International Symposium this week. Via []Continue Reading

Bosses Shun 3G For Wi-Fi And GPRS

Most businesses have little interest in buying 3G mobile phones at present, according to senior executives at Nokia. Via []Continue Reading

QuickLink Spans Cellular And Wi-Fi Networks

Software-maker Smith Micro on Tuesday announced QuickLink Mobile Enterprise edition, a software tool that promises to give users seamless connectivity over Wi-Fi and mobile data networks. Via []Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson Introduces New Quad-band EDGE/Wi-Fi PC Card

The GC89 PC Card combines global EDGE coverage with the WiFi technology in a single card which is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. Via []Continue Reading

Taiwan Looks To Make Wireless Leap Beyond 3G

Taiwan’s government plans to blanket this island’s cities with wireless networks that are integrated with cellular phone services by 2008 as part of an ambitious $1.1 billion project, called M-Taiwan. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance Targets Wi-Fi-cellular Convergence

The Wi-Fi Alliance has formed a group to study the specific implications for Wi-Fi of continuing Wi-Fi/cellular convergence. Via []Continue Reading

SBC To Use WiFi Network To Extend Cingular Reach

SBC Communications Inc. will use its growing roster of public Wi-Fi access points as a springboard for Cingular Wireless services, including advanced phones and voice services using Internet technology. Via []Continue Reading