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WiFi Versus 3G: Let Battle Commence!

With the increasing use of wireless networks, experts are debating which technology, Wi-Fi or 3G, would be the best option. The Cloud chief operating officer Bobby Sarin believes laptops and devices would soon be able to use both types of networks but it would all depend on the cost. Toby Wright, who heads the contentContinue Reading

3G & Wi-Fi Help Rebuild

When hurricane Katrina made landfall, an unlikely group came to help rebuild. A contingent from the Burning Man festival, who are very familiar with building a community from nothing. Thier efforts were greatly helped with the Kyocera Wireless KR1 Mobile Router that allowed them to share the EV-DO 3G connection that previously was only usableContinue Reading

How Will We Converge Wi-Fi And Cellular?

Now that the buzzword of convergance of WiFi and cellular is going full steam the question now seems to be ‘who owns the talk time?’. If I have a cell phone and am using the cellular network, it’s easy to bill me for the talk time. If I’m at my home or business using theContinue Reading

T-Mobile First To Bridge 3G, EDGE, GPRS, And Wi-Fi

Nortel has provided technology to allow T-mobile that allows seamless roaming between 3G, EDGE, GPRS, and WiFi networks in Europe. No word yet if this ‘always on’ internet experience has an off button. Via []Continue Reading

Handset Eases Roaming Between Wi-Fi And GSM

New handset technologies, fixed-mobile convergence, and mobile messaging were the focus of the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. Via []Continue Reading

Nokia Pushes Cellular-Wi-Fi Convergence At 3GSM

Nokia announced a host of initiatives in seamless connectivity between cellular and WiFi networks as well as cooperation with other handset makers on interoperability of DVB-H compliant handsets and networks on the opening day of the 3GSM World Congress here. Via []Continue Reading

iPod Chip Builder Teams For Wireless And 3G Capabilities

PortalPlayer, the company best known for making processors for iPods, has announced two new technology partnerships. Via []Continue Reading

Kyocera, Marvell Team On Wi-Fi/CDMA Platform

Kyocera Wireless Corp. has signed a strategic alliance with Marvell to develop a dual-mode Wi-Fi/CDMA handset platform. Via []Continue Reading

Fujitsu-Siemens Looks To Ship Wi-Fi Smart Phones In Q3

Fujitsu-Siemens is apparently gearing up to hop on the Blackberry-clone bandwagon, following Motorola’s Q, Nokia’s E61, HP’s iPaq hw6500 series and Palm’s Treo family with a keyboard-equipped smart phone of its own in Q3. Via []Continue Reading

WiMAX & 3G: Friends Or Foes?

As the WiMAX IEEE standard 802.16e prepares to conquer certification, technology innovators and operators alike are igniting a widespread commitment to bringing the promise of wireless broadband to life. In the midst of this fast race for deployment, however, the question lingers on how WiMAX will co-exist with other mobile technologies. Because the true promiseContinue Reading

WiMax Standards Delay Gives 3G And Wi-Fi The Edge

Continued delays in the WiMax certification process are posing a “real challenge” to the rollout of the long-range wireless broadband service in Europe. Via []Continue Reading

WiMax To Grow, 3G To Dominate, Says Study

The coming year will be pivotal in terms of deployment of new and improved wireless broadband technologies but 3G cellular data service will dominate over the next few years, according to a market study by Northern Sky Research. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Data’s Future? 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX Combo

With wireless service providers and equipment manufacturers attempting to sort out the future course of mobile broadband data, some say the “right combination of 3G, WiMAX and Wi-Fi” will be needed to achieve the most success. Via []Continue Reading

Cellular Wi-Fi: The Next WLAN Evolution

The access point interference issue requires lengthy planning and constant reconfiguration, as engineers decide which AP to place where, and how to adjust AP power levels or overlay a non-interfering 802.11a network to maximize coverage and performance. Via []Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson Flagship Sprouts 3G, Wi-Fi

Sony Ericsson has updated its flagship P-series smartphone line by announcing a model with 3G, 802.11b. The manufacturer has also beefed up the camera and display, and finally added BlackBerry Connect and VoIP support in the bundle. Via []Continue Reading