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Wi-Fi Mobiles Offer Free Calls – All Over The World

Mobiboo and Belkin are now offering handsets that can perform VoIP calls using connection to wireless networks, i.e., The Cloud for Mobiboo and Skype for the latter. Calls from a Mobiboo handset — either the £99 Mobiboo F1000 unit or the £179 Mobiboo F3000 model — to other Mobiboo users are free, those to UKContinue Reading

WiFi Phones Arrive, But Still Expensive

Panasonic is now offering Skype-supported phones. The handset uses public hotspots as well as home and office WiFi to run Skype voicemail and call forwarding. The firm plans to also develop VoIP handsets for Vonage. Meanwhile, Cisco’s consumer unit Linksys has shipped WIP330 to Europe. The VoIP phone operates on SIP 2 protocol and isContinue Reading

AirMagnet Unleashes Wi-Fi Voice Analyzer

AirMarget has released Vo-Fi Analyzer, an application that can assess a wireless network’s capacity to support all the voice calls made by enterprise employees through a WiFi handset. The software enables a network architect to spot weak coverage spots, packet latency that could cause dropped calls and IP PBX problems. Vo-Fi Analyzer is being usedContinue Reading

Nokia Starts Tests Of Wi-Fi Internet Mobile Calls

Nokia has began a trial of unlicensed mobile access or UMA in Oulu near the polar circle in northern Finland. Subscribers with UMA-enabled handsets can make Internet calls when they are within the coverage of an unlicensed wireless network such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When they leave such range, the calls will automatically shift toContinue Reading

Skype Introduces Wi-Fi Phones

Skype users who want more mobility may opt for the new Wi-Fi phones that are due to hit the market in the third quarter of this year. The handsets will be pre-loaded with Skype software and will allow subscribers to use open Wi-Fi access points that do not need browser authentication to make calls. ForContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Phones Ring Changes In Telephony Sector

Analysts expect the global Wi-Fi phone market to enjoy a robust growth in 2006. Figures from Infonetics Research indicate that the Wi-Fi telephony industry earned $125.5 million in 2005, twice the volume in 2004. The analyst firm’s forecast shows that the numbers will more than double this year and may nearly triple by 2009, whenContinue Reading

Wi-Fi HotSpot Phone Launched By Samsung

Italians who want an unlicensed mobile access (UMA) handset can now get one from Samsung. The company has launched SGH-P200 — a phone unit that supports Wi-Fi, GSM and GPRS, thus enabling it to make calls through a public hotspot or a home or office wireless network. “Handsets with UMA technology allow free voice andContinue Reading

Taipei Plans Citywide Wi-Fi VoIP

Taipei is gearing up to become the first city to have citywide VoIP service. It has launched the Taipei Easy Call project, which will enable mobile phones to switch from their existing connection to VoIP calls when they are within network coverage. The new service, according to the Taipei Computer Association, is likely to attractContinue Reading

Indiana Hospital Eyes Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Phones For Nurses

An Indiana hospital will soon have their nurses equiped with voice-over-Wi-Fi phones in an effort to boost their mobility. Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield, Indiana is currently assessing phones from Cisco Systems, Vocera Communications, and SpectraLink. The hospital’s infrastructure is ready to support the new service. Last year, Hancock installed several Extreme’s Altitude 350-2 accessContinue Reading

IT – Beware Of Consumer Wi-Fi Phones

Nokia’s 6136 and Samsung’s T709 are a new kind of cell phone; they’re Wi-Fi enabled and ready to provide uninterrupted connections no matter where you are. Wi-Fi enabled phones are intended to travel seamlessly from Wi-Fi to cellular without a loss in data. But users be warned: if dropped calls will wreak havoc on yourContinue Reading

Linksys Launches 802.11g VOIP Phones

Linksys has released their new 802.11g wireless VoIP phones, the WIP300 and the WIP330. Both WiFi phones require a broadband connection and activated VoIP service to operate. The WIP300, with a 1.8-inch color display and standard features such as call forwarding, call transfer, and call history, has an estimated street price of $219.99. The WIP330,Continue Reading

Google Teams With Nokia For Wi-Fi Mobile Phone Service

Google is working with Nokia to launch a handheld device that will include Google’s instant messenger and Internet calling service called Google Talk. The plan envisions users to tap a wireless Internet network instead of cellular signals to make calls. The service will be restricted to people with Google Talk on their PCs or NokiaContinue Reading

Vonage Gets WiFi Coverage For WiFi Phones In UK

Vonage users in the U.K. can now make free phone calls so long as they are within The Cloud hotspot. If they however wander outside the coverage, the calls will be dropped off. Vonage Managing Director Kerry Ritz deemed the new service “a wake-up call for the telecoms market,” as “it’s saying there’s really aContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Cell Phone Battle Looms

While Wireless VoIP seems like a great thing for consumers, a war is heating up with the telco’s to try and keep the technology from cutting into thier revenue stream. Telco’s are pushing UMA, short for Unlicensed Mobile Access, a technology that allows phones to seamlessly go from the GSM network to Wifi and back,Continue Reading

Ballet School Leaps Into Voice Over Wi-Fi

Canada’s national ballet school of all places is making the jump to use VOIP over Wi-Fi. The ballet school recently moved into a new building and was looking for a modern solution to thier communication needs to match thier modern building. The partnership with NEC shows how everyone can benifit from emerging technology. Via []Continue Reading