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Startup Launches With Promise Of Cheaper Wireless VoIP

A Florida company is claiming to have developed a new wireless VOIP service to compete directly with cellular providers. The new proprietary technology called xMax claims to offer the cost of setting up a base station to be in the thousands, not the millions currently costing cellular providers. Scant of details and lack of testing,Continue Reading

How Will We Converge Wi-Fi And Cellular?

Now that the buzzword of convergance of WiFi and cellular is going full steam the question now seems to be ‘who owns the talk time?’. If I have a cell phone and am using the cellular network, it’s easy to bill me for the talk time. If I’m at my home or business using theContinue Reading

D-Link Announces Clamshell Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

D-Link announced that they are releasing a new clam-shell style Wi-Fi compatable VOIP telephone. In what will surely be a boom market, D-Link’s Wi-Fi phone allows users to make VOIP calls over Wi-Fi networks and the internet rather than traditional cellular networks. Via []Continue Reading

Calypso To Unveil WiFi-GSM VoIP Smartphone

Calypso will show off its new WiFi-GSM Dual Mode VoIP smartphone at the 3GSM World Congress next week in Barcelona. The Miami Lakes, Fla., company says that the phone will run on Intel PXA series processors and the WinCE 5.0 operating system. Long-distance calls will be made via Skype. Via []Continue Reading

Accton Readies Wi-Fi VoIP Phones

Accton Technology confirmed that it is developing two wireless handsets that allow users to place calls over the Internet using Wi-Fi, and may have them out late in the second quarter. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Teams With Telabria To Deliver VoIP Over WiMAX

Linksys will collaborate with Telabria to deliver VoIP services over a European WiMAX-class broadband network, the companies recently announced. Via []Continue Reading

Vonage To Sell Wi-Fi Phone

Vonage will announce Tuesday the availability of its long-anticipated portable Wi-Fi phone that will let people use the company’s IP telephony when they’re connected to any public hot spot. Via []Continue Reading

Taiwan Firm Offers Free Wi-Fi Calls

A Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer plans to set up a city-wide Wi-Fi phone network in Taipei. Ennyah Technologies will rent out dual mode Wi-Fi and GSM phones for a flat rate of about $33 per month, which will include unlimited international calls, company spokesman Patrick Peng told VNUnet. The company also offers lower priced Wi-Fi-onlyContinue Reading

Voice Over Wireless LAN Adoption To Triple By 2007 – Report

The number of North American organisations deploying voice over wireless LANs (WLAN) will triple over the next two years, from ten per cent now to 31 per cent in 2007, driven by the growing availability of wireless VoIP handsets and voice-enabling wireless infrastructure, according to a study by market research firm Infonetics Research. Via []Continue Reading

Samsung Intros VoIP Wi-Fi Application

“OfficeServ will be compelling to some business segments because it enables adequate in-office mobility with the benefits of VoIP,” said Yankee analyst Nate Dyer. He also warned of competition from wireless substitution and PBX extension-to-mobile services. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco Could See Upside In VoIP, Wireless LAN

Banc of America Securities analyst Tim Long expects Cisco Systems “to at least meet” his fiscal first-quarter estimate for earnings of 24 cents per share on revenue of $6.58 billion. Via []Continue Reading

Take Wi-Fi Phone With You

Imagine having a cordless phone that can make calls anywhere you can find a wireless network. That’s what the upcoming UTStarcom F1000 phone promises — a Wi-Fi phone connection you can take with you. Via []Continue Reading

Zultys Launches Push-To-Talk Wi-Fi Phone

Zultys Technologies will launch a new wireless voice over IP (VoIP) phone next month that supports instant messaging, push-to-talk conferencing with multiple users, and end-to-end encryption. Via []Continue Reading

VoIP Over Wi-Fi Poised To Spread Quickly

VoIP over WiFi networks, like the one now being implemented in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, could soon spread like wildfire to other municipalities, attendees at the VON Fall 2005 conference in Boston were told. Via []Continue Reading

VoIP Mistakes Mirror Early Wi-Fi Deployments

Companies are deploying VoIP services without fully considering the security implications, which is exactly what happened with early wireless network implementations, according to security experts. Via []Continue Reading