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Residential VoIP Users To Hit 267m By 2012

A new study shows that users of residential VoIP service will reach 267 million by 2012. ABI Research principal broadband analyst Michael Arden said major regions will see differing trends in this area. Competition between cable operators and telcos, according to Arden, will spur the growth in the U.S., while European carriers are expected toContinue Reading

SIPphone: Gizmo Plug-in A Faster Route To VoIP

It is now possible to make VoIP calls without having to use a traditional software client. This can be done via SIPphone’s Gizmo Project, a downloadable flash plug-in that enables users anywhere in the world to call most landline or mobile phones via any Internet browser. Everyday, Gizmo users get five minutes of free callingContinue Reading

VoIP Soon To Be A Target For…

A new book entitled “Hacking Exposed VoIP” warned that VoIP, which is becoming more and more popular, is the likely next target for hackers. Co-author David Endler, director of security at 3Com Corp.’s TippingPoint division in Austin, said that VoIP has been used for phishing. SecureLogix chief technology officer Mark Collier, who co-wrote the book,Continue Reading

Businesses Too Scared To Switch To VoIP

In a new study commissioned by VoIP software company Shortel, some 70 percent of companies cited cost reduction as the biggest reason for adopting VoIP. They also mentioned ‘managing calls more effectively’ and ‘enabling home and mobile working’ as other benefits. But a third believed VoIP is too expensive to deploy and operate. Quocirca principalContinue Reading

Households Pick Up VoIP

BT boasted that sign-ups for its Broadband Talk and Softphone Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services have reached one million. The figure includes subscribers to the Broadband Talk service and those who have secured a dedicated VoIP number. The company also said many of its 500,000 Business Broadband customers are also VoIP users though it declined to sayContinue Reading

Weigh The Pros And Cons Of VoIP Over Wireless

A study by Infonetics Research predicted that Wi-Fi IP phone sales will grow to $3.7 billion by 2009, a considerable leap from the 2005 level of $125 million. The trend suggests increasing interest among organizations particularly those with a sizable mobile workforce, such as hospitals. Companies like D-Link, NETGEAR, and Linksys are taking advantage ofContinue Reading

Wedding The Cell Phone To Wi-Fi

T-Mobile is offering a new service that will allow users to make calls with mobile phones using cellular and Wi-Fi network connections. HotSpot@Home clients pay at least $60 per month and a further $5 for each additional phone. Enrollment to the service is only allowed in corporate outlets in the Seattle-Tacoma region though subscribers canContinue Reading

Netgear Debuts Long-awaited Wi-Fi Phone

Netgear is bringing its WiFi phone, which can make calls using Skype, to Singapore. The company is selling the handset for S$349 (US$2226) and has preloaded it with Skype software. To make calls through SPH101, the user must be within the coverage of a 802.11b or a 802.11g wireless system and must hold a properContinue Reading

The Air Is Free, And Sometimes So Are The Phone Calls That Borrow It

Some consumers are now having a taste of mobile phones that can make calls over the Internet. Companies like Vonage, Skype and T-Mobile are either promoting or selling these devices, which tap WiFi access points, particularly those installed in coffee shops, parks, businesses and homes, to enable calls. Some home network users do not welcomeContinue Reading

Dual-Mode Capability Unites Wi-Fi, Cell Network

Several vendors have unveiled various dual-mode solutions that allow for call handovers between WiFi and cellular networks. WakeMed Health & Hospitals looks to acquire software from Aruba Wireless Networks, which can support dual-mode phones. To date, the medical center has provided 650 SpectraLink voice handsets and 500 cell phones to its nurses. The ability toContinue Reading

Bezeq May Launch WiFi Phone In 2007

Bezeq hopes to launch WiFi phones in the fourth quarter of next year. According to Ran Goron, Bezeq’s deputy marketing CEO, Israel’s national communications provider seeks to become a major player in the VoIP sector but is unsure if the communications ministry will authorize the firm to join that field. The company, meanwhile, unveiled aContinue Reading

Voice On Wi-Fi – The Architecture Question

Aruba rejected criticisms that its version of centrally-managed wireless LAN does not allow for scalable voice over WiFi (VoFi). Aruba vice president Keerti Melkote admitted that the company’s systems, due to central application of encryption, command wireless traffic flows to go through the central controller. But this is not a problem “from bandwidth point ofContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Finally Discovers Its Voice

Voice over WiFi is set to become a mainstream technology in view of the current developments in the market. Nokia has unveiled handsets that would run Wi-Fi voice along with 3G and GSM operations. In Singapore, SingTel is now offering dual-mode service that will allow Nokia E60, E61 and N80 phones to perform VoIP callsContinue Reading

Switching From Cell To Wi-Fi, Seamlessly

T-Mobile USA is due to begin offering a new service for mobile phone users that will allow seamless switching between its cellular network and their home Wi-Fi networks. The company will use unlicensed mobile access or UMA to enable the new service. T-Mobile, several blogs reported, has performed a trial of the service in theContinue Reading

CSR Design For £11 Wi-Fi Phones

Wireless chipmaker CSR has developed a VoIP phone that may be sold for under $20 or just a tenth of the average cost of current models. The company plans to license UniVox to handset manufacturers and sees the release of the product by the second half of next year. The phone uses CSR’s UniFi tri-bandContinue Reading