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Clearwire Enhances WiMax Plan With Satellite Deal

Clearwire has recently announced that its WiMax wireless broadband service will be offered to subscribers of DirecTV and EchoStar. This cross marketing deal is expected to go into effect by the end of this year and will let each of the three companies create a very strong marketing bundle for their consumers. WiMax companies areContinue Reading

Wireless Network Admins Wising Up

RSA Security Inc. conducted its annual survey of New York, London and Paris and found that more wireless hot spots are working to secure their networks but a fifth of corporate access points remain open. In all three cities the percentage of hot spots protected by some form of encryption increased; London went from 76Continue Reading

Pilgrims On The Wireless Trail

People in Cape Cod, Massachusetts just weren’t getting the internet service they hoped for, so instead of fighting with carriers they decided to find their own solution. The non-profit group, OpenCape Corp was started with about $300,000 in donations from local colleges, communities and development agencies. The group is already taking steps toward its goalContinue Reading

More Wireless, Not Enough Security

RSA, the security division of EMC, has found that larger cities have more Wi-Fi than ever and more security but the security is woefully outdated. Using New York, London and Paris as their target cities, they have found the number of Wi-Fi access points have risen 49%, 44% and 160% respectively. Encryption was found toContinue Reading

New Superfast Wireless Broadband Device Prototype Submitted To FCC

The White Space Coalition has developed and submitted another prototype to the FCC. The Coalition is made up of computer giants like Dell, EarthLink, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Philips Electronics and they are looking to harness the unused television spectrum to provide wireless broadband. The FCC’s largest concern with this leap forward in Wi-FiContinue Reading

Digital World: Divorce, VOIP syle

Is VoIP all it’s cracked up to be? Some users are finding problems with the system and have decided to forego the service entirely. Users have cited differences between their needs and the actual services they receive as being a major problem. A lack of a stable internet connection can make you miss calls evenContinue Reading

Meraki Introduces First Solar Powered Outdoor WiFi Access Kit

Meraki has gone green with Wi-Fi, announcing the first solar powered outdoor Wi-Fi access kit. When used together the Meraki Outdoor repeater and the Meraki Solar accessory can cover entire neighborhoods with Wi-Fi access. For a minimal outlay of money this new technology lets several households reliably share one high speed connection. The Solar accessoryContinue Reading

Free Wi-Fi In London…Mapped

If you’re in London and looking for free Wi-Fi this is just the site for you. The Londonist has set up a map with the aim of recording all of the bars, pubs, and coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi access. While mapping they’ve noticed that some large areas of London seem to have freeContinue Reading

Schools Want Urgent Wi-Fi Advice

Debate over the safety of Wi-Fi radiation levels in Britain continues. Britain has adopted municipal Wi-Fi fairly well and has added millions of users and several wireless cities to its roster, but they’re now finding the debate over health and safety is spreading. Stirring the pot of contention is the BBC program Panorama, which isContinue Reading

Wi-Fi: A Warning Signal

Municipal Wi-Fi in Britain doesn’t seem to be hitting the same stumbling blocks that it’s American counterpart. With millions of subscribers and entire cities going Wi-Fi, Britain has developed a new concern… health risks. The radiation produced from a Wi-Fi tower is similar to that from a cell phone tower. And in 2000 Sir WilliamContinue Reading

Avoid Draft 802.11n Standard, Says Analyst

Wireless protocol is finally about to get some standardization. The Wi-Fi Alliance has said that it will soon be certifying products based on pre-standard version of the next generation hi-speed wireless networking technology with 802.11n. This means that IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) wireless LAN standard will receive a well needed revision. TheContinue Reading

Despite High Hopes For Economic Development, Cities Struggle With Wireless Internet

It seems the dream of an inexpensive Wi-Fi connection for all might be just that…a dream. About a year ago the city of Lompoc, California sunk $3 million into this dream, hoping that the internet could connect them with the outside world. Currently, only a few hundred subscribers have latched on to the service, farContinue Reading

Best WiFi Hotels 2007

And now for the information that travelers absolutely must have. Which hotels provide the best Wi-Fi services as reported by First the bad news, rather than more hotels providing free internet its gone the other way. More hotels are limiting or restricting the availability of their Wi-Fi services and trying to make an extraContinue Reading

EarthLink Scales Back, Focuses Muni Wi-Fi Effort

EarthLink’s latest move is sending minor shockwaves through the Wi-Fi community. The company has decided to turn its attention away from municipalities and focus on existing deals and big cities. The company cites its first quarter earnings, or losses rather, as the reason for its shift in focus. With a loss of $30 million theContinue Reading

Vodafone To Be Sued For VoIP Blocking?

Vodafone is looking at some legal troubles for trying to stop VoIP. James Tagg, Chief Executive of Truphone claims that Vodafone is failing to meet interconnection obligations, blocking competitor websites and disabling internet telephony. He also claims that Vodafone blocks calls coming to their customers from people using Truphone services. Vodafone’s official stance is thatContinue Reading