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AT&T Says Mobile WiMAX Needs Time To Mature

AT&T shut down in September its mobile WiMax trial in the Netherlands. Martin Silman, the carrier’s executive director of global market portfolio management, said the company had to make the decision because “the security (that the network) required involved buffering, which in turn introduced an unacceptable degree of latency.” Hence, Silman believes the technology willContinue Reading

Samsung’s Next-Gen Wireless Vision

Samsung Electronics will begin shipping a new device that is packed with a broad range of mobile services by March next year. This new portable gadget called Deluxe MITs (or mobile intelligent terminal by Samsung) is a phone, miniature PC, TV, MP3 player, digital camera, camcorder, and personal media player (PMP) rolled into one. AccordingContinue Reading

Alcatel WiMAX Test Center Opens

Alcatel and India’s state-run Center for Development of Telematics (C-Dot) have opened a research center for the development of ready-to-industrialize products and reference designs that are based on WiMax Forum standards. The facility seeks to show the advantages of WiMAX IEEE 802.16e- 2005 and the residential and business uses of VoIP, high-speed Internet connection, asContinue Reading

Hedging The WiMAX Bet

Intel is banking on WiMax to break its unlucky streak in venturing outside the PC. Both established and young companies are expected to embrace the new technology. WiMax is seen by many as faster than cellular due to its reliance on MIMO. Via []Continue Reading

Canadian Town Gets WiMax

Despite being a small town, Hanna in Alberta, Canada is home to six WiMax towers. The facilities, which comprise Nortel base stations and customer premises gear (or subscriber stations) with radios based on the IEEE 802.16d fixed WiMax standard, were installed by Netago Wireless. The company offers subscribers various data plans, with uplink speeds rangingContinue Reading

Users And Vendors Make WiMax Plans

At the WiMax World in Boston, vendors unveiled plans on how they plan to take advantage of and are using the emerging technology. Roy Russell, founding chief technology officer of Zipcar in Cambridge, Massachusetts, believes his company can use WiMax to boost bandwidth to its fleet of 2,000 cars. He sees the possibility of installingContinue Reading

Why Sprint Says WiMax Is 4G

Sprint CTO Barry West regards WiMax the 4G technology because not only is it faster, it is also cheaper. According to West, WiMax causes a 10-fold improvement in the price-per-bit as it uses a wider channel. The current CDMA networks run on a 1.25-MHz channel and can deliver a maximum of 4 bits per hertz,Continue Reading

Testing For WiMAX Wireless Broadband

Rohde & Schwarz has unveiled SMU200A, SMATE200A and SMJ100A signal generators, which have SMx-K49 option installed. The devices can generate OFDM signals in line with the 802.16-2004 and the 802.16e-2005 standards. The SMU200A can be furnished with two different baseband modules, fading options, additional noise sources and two RF paths to create different test scenarios.Continue Reading

Product Introductions Set The Stage For WiMax

WiMax is gaining momentum as major firms continue to unveil devices and plans to support the technology. Motorola announced it will sell WiMax wireless modems early next year and WiMax chipsets in 2008. Nokia, meanwhile, will release Flexi WiMax base station for the 2.5-GHz band by the end of 2007 and the 3.5-GHz version inContinue Reading

D-Link Unveils Its First WiMAX Router

D-Link has released its first 802.16-2005-compliant WiMAX router. The device, which supports both WiMax and WiFi, is intended for residential wireless service providers that want to keep their prices competitive with wire-line technologies. It is easily installed and allows for coverage over the entire house. Via []Continue Reading

WiMAX Experiment Starts On Galapagos Islands

Intel has launched a WiMax experiment in Galapagos Islands. The idea is to test hardware and software that will enable scientists and researchers to share data with one another. Via []Continue Reading

Qualcomm CEO: Wireless Broadband Faces Threats

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs believes offshoring of manufacturing capabilities and eroding intellectual property rights pose as threats to the wireless broadband network development. Jacobs made the statement at the fall meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers, the biggest industrial trade organization in the US. He noted the continuing degeneration of young engineering talent inContinue Reading

WiMax Spectrum Owners Launch WiSOA

WiMax spectrum owners have created their own organization. The WiMax Spectrum Owners Alliance currently comprises Unwired Australia, Network Plus Mauritius, UK Broadband, Irish Broadband, Austar Australia/Liberty Group, Telecom New Zealand, WiMAX Telecom Group, Enertel and Woosh Telecom. WISOA secretary general Patrick Cruise O’Brien said the group differs from the WiMax Forum in the sense thatContinue Reading

Intel Goes To The Max On WiMax

At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced that the company will integrate WiMax into its 5th generation Centrino chips by 2008 as part of its goal to make the technology as ‘ubiquitous’ as WiFi. In view of plans by Sprint and Clearwire, Otellini believes WiMax will virtually extend overContinue Reading

Industry Spellbound By Future Of WiMax

Over the last few months, interest in WiMax has intensified as indicated by commitments from various companies to develop networks and offer services using the technology. According to Joe Nardone of Intel, initially, “the industry as a whole had a lot of doubts and was very skeptical of WiMax,” but “now with Sprint and ClearwireContinue Reading