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Is Skype Secure Enough For Businesses?

Some security experts doubt that Skype is the best way to go for businesses. According to Gartner research director Lawrence Orans, Skype’s reliance on a proprietary signaling protocol makes it vulnerable, as standard firewall products cannot be used to secure it. The code, he said, has problems and Skype “has not shown enterprise-level capabilities inContinue Reading

Thank You Superhacker, You Saved My Computer

You can actually be setting yourself up for identity theft. A recent report entitled Internet Safety: The State of the Nation found that one in five, or 21%, of British households that use wireless broadband connections do not have password protection. These open portals leave users open to fraud, identity theft or worse. To combatContinue Reading

Paint Your Way To Wi-Fi Freedom

EM-SEC Technologies plans to sell a wall paint that can bar or hold in WiFi radio signals. The EM-SEC Coating System provides an “electromagnetic barrier for the containment of wireless networks” that, according to Robert Boyd, vice president and director of technology at the Hampton, Virginia-based company, “reduces the threat from electronic eavesdropping and blocksContinue Reading

How Skype Is Collecting Private User Data

Kurt Sauer, Skype’s Chief Security Officer, has issued a statement clarifying the company’s process for collecting private user data. According to Sauer, Skype has a license for an EasyBits plug-in manager software framework, which manages the Extras Gallery of Skype for Windows. The EasyBits software houses digital rights management functionality that allows for protection ofContinue Reading

RSA: Attendees Drop Ball On Wi-Fi Security

Over half of the wireless LAN devices at the RSA Conference were found to be prone to security attacks – particularly “Evil Twin” and “zero day” – during two days of WLAN traffic scanning by wireless security vendor AirDefense. The first type happens when a victim wirelessly connects to a laptop or handheld device masqueradingContinue Reading

What Threats Does Skype Face?

Skype’s chief security officer assured that the popular Internet telephony application has robust protection. Kurt Sauer credited this to better organization for developing actual codes. Today, he is requiring more peer review of software ahead of the final release. He said Skype hopes to collaborate with companies such as antivirus vendors to ensure protection ofContinue Reading

VoIP Soon To Be A Target For…

A new book entitled “Hacking Exposed VoIP” warned that VoIP, which is becoming more and more popular, is the likely next target for hackers. Co-author David Endler, director of security at 3Com Corp.’s TippingPoint division in Austin, said that VoIP has been used for phishing. SecureLogix chief technology officer Mark Collier, who co-wrote the book,Continue Reading

Is WiMax Secure?

The IEEE 802.16 committee has introduced mechanisms aimed at minimizing possible security risks associated with WiMax. The committee included support to the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) for 802.16e networks. The amendment is in response to earlier authentication issues. Under the fundamental principle, each subscriber station will carry X.509 certificates that are required for uniquely identifyingContinue Reading

Holiday Decorations vs. Wi-Fi Networks

A study by wireless networking firm AirMagnet indicates that holiday decorations cause interference to indoor Wi-Fi network. It found out that tinsels and Christmas wreaths can reduce WiFi signal strength by 25 percent. Chia-Chee Kuan, AirMagnet’s CTO and vice president of engineering, said the introduction of new elements in a corporate environment has potential seriousContinue Reading

Wi-Fi’s Secret Packet Loss Revealed

A new Veriwave test debunked notions that wireless standards — 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g — have zero error in data transmission. It found an “unavoidable packet loss” due to the fundamental transmission protocol used in wireless networks. The 802.11 standards supposedly have “foolproof” mechanisms that allow for detection of corrupt data and retransmission. The testContinue Reading

Security Flaw Could Ground Wi-Fi Users

A group of security researchers discovered a flaw in Broadcom’s BCMWL5.SYS wireless driver that could make a Wi-Fi enabled laptop prone to security risks. The said buffer overflow error could enable hackers to stage kernel-mode code and take advantage of the security opening through the Metasploit Module. The Zeroday Emergency Response Team or ZERT believesContinue Reading

‘Evil Twin’ Wi-Fi Hacks Target The Rich

Hackers are taking advantage of WiFi to steal vital personal information by creating bogus wireless access points near commercial hotspots and assign them the same name. According to Richard Rushing, chief science officer at Wi-Fi security company AirDefense, most hackers perform ‘evil twin’ attacks in locations “where the better-off are hanging out because they haveContinue Reading

Explaining To Business The Why In Wi-Fi

VARs could play a big role in convincing businesses to embrace WiFi. To do this, some suggest that resellers adopt the technology themselves. But, according to Foundry Networks product marketing manager Michael Hong, VARs need sufficient know-how and training in providing maintenance and support before they can deploy their own networks. Stephen Dane, director ofContinue Reading

Securing Your Network In A Growing Wireless World

A good reason to secure one’s wireless network is performance, according to Yankee Group analyst Tara Howard. But aside from that, there is not much difference between an unsecured and secured network. Nonetheless, some people prefers to have their networks secured and to do so, they should ensure that their firewall is properly working. TheyContinue Reading

Big Picture Wi-Fi Security

Network Chemistry has developed a platform that will render “integrated facility and endpoint wireless security.” It has revamped its RFprotect Distributed platform, hardware and software to extend the coverage to all areas that a mobile worker may roam, with the use of a unified control panel with automated policy enforcement capabilities. The reworked RFprotect DistributedContinue Reading