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Bezeq May Launch WiFi Phone In 2007

Bezeq hopes to launch WiFi phones in the fourth quarter of next year. According to Ran Goron, Bezeq’s deputy marketing CEO, Israel’s national communications provider seeks to become a major player in the VoIP sector but is unsure if the communications ministry will authorize the firm to join that field. The company, meanwhile, unveiled aContinue Reading

Motorola Buys Wireless Firm Good

Motorola has acquired Good Technology, which provides wireless email services for handsets, including Motorola’s Q. Motorola Mobile Devices division president Ron Garriques said “Good Technology’s software and managed service deliver a rich user experience, low cost of ownership, industry- leading security and enterprise-class support.” Garriques believes the deal will “continue to strengthen Motorola as aContinue Reading

Voice On Wi-Fi – The Architecture Question

Aruba rejected criticisms that its version of centrally-managed wireless LAN does not allow for scalable voice over WiFi (VoFi). Aruba vice president Keerti Melkote admitted that the company’s systems, due to central application of encryption, command wireless traffic flows to go through the central controller. But this is not a problem “from bandwidth point ofContinue Reading

Dublin Developer Debuts Wi-Fi-Mobile Roaming Software

Cicero Networks has unveiled a new dual-mode VoIP client that will allow Nokia smartphones to use the best available connection between WiFi and traditional mobile networks. CiceroPhone is designed for Nokia S60 handsets, including the E60, E61, E70 and N80 models. The Irish software maker plans to officially ship this new product by the endContinue Reading

Broadcom Wi-Fi Router Touts Integration

Broadcom has unveiled an 802.11g Wi-Fi chip that will provide full Layer 3 routing. By integrating a 54g radio and a medium access control block with an Ethernet switch and a MIPS processor, the BCM5354 can generate and connect to multiple networks through a sole access point via multi-BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier) software. Lenovo,Continue Reading

Alcatel WiMAX Test Center Opens

Alcatel and India’s state-run Center for Development of Telematics (C-Dot) have opened a research center for the development of ready-to-industrialize products and reference designs that are based on WiMax Forum standards. The facility seeks to show the advantages of WiMAX IEEE 802.16e- 2005 and the residential and business uses of VoIP, high-speed Internet connection, asContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Is Hot–But Manufacturers Are Cautious

A new survey by WiFi Alliance shows that WiFi is becoming more popular, with nearly 9 out of 10 respondents choosing their wireless connection over a year’s worth of Starbucks. Moreover, 80 percent of those surveyed would not mind seeing their home team lose if they can keep their WiFi connection. This increasing popularity, however,Continue Reading

Faster Testing Could Mean More Certified Wi-Fi

Azimuth Systems has released a new test suite that could reduce the testing time for WiFi products by two-thirds. WiFi Alliance’s Authorized Test Laboratories worldwide will use the AzCert Wi-Fi Certification Test Suite. Azimuth vice president of marketing Jeff Abramowitz estimated that testing will take between four and five hours. Although the laboratories have yetContinue Reading

WLAN Vendor Colubris Reaps $14 Million In New Backing

WLAN vendor Colubris has obtained a further $14 million in venture capital funding. Its investors include Prism VentureWorkds, GrandBanks, Capital, Doll Capital Management, Mid-Atlantic Ventures Funds, Telecommunications Development Fund and Business Development Bank of Canada. Including their previous investments, the companies have entrusted $50 million to Columbris, which provides wireless LAN equipment to carriers andContinue Reading

Big Picture Wi-Fi Security

Network Chemistry has developed a platform that will render “integrated facility and endpoint wireless security.” It has revamped its RFprotect Distributed platform, hardware and software to extend the coverage to all areas that a mobile worker may roam, with the use of a unified control panel with automated policy enforcement capabilities. The reworked RFprotect DistributedContinue Reading

Users And Vendors Make WiMax Plans

At the WiMax World in Boston, vendors unveiled plans on how they plan to take advantage of and are using the emerging technology. Roy Russell, founding chief technology officer of Zipcar in Cambridge, Massachusetts, believes his company can use WiMax to boost bandwidth to its fleet of 2,000 cars. He sees the possibility of installingContinue Reading

Product Introductions Set The Stage For WiMax

WiMax is gaining momentum as major firms continue to unveil devices and plans to support the technology. Motorola announced it will sell WiMax wireless modems early next year and WiMax chipsets in 2008. Nokia, meanwhile, will release Flexi WiMax base station for the 2.5-GHz band by the end of 2007 and the 3.5-GHz version inContinue Reading

D-Link Unveils Its First WiMAX Router

D-Link has released its first 802.16-2005-compliant WiMAX router. The device, which supports both WiMax and WiFi, is intended for residential wireless service providers that want to keep their prices competitive with wire-line technologies. It is easily installed and allows for coverage over the entire house. Via []Continue Reading

HP Ships Wi-Fi Equipped HDTV

HP unveiled a $2,199 high-definition LCD TV that has built-in 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi radio and standard Ethernet network connections. The new SLC3760N 37-inch MediaSmart high-definition LCD TV can link up with PCs running HP’s proprietary software. But because the display only has WiFi radio and not a router, users must secure another Wi-Fi connected deviceContinue Reading

IBM Stars In New Wi-Fi Karaoke Device

IBM has partnered with Xing to develop Kyoku-NAVI S and Kyoku-NAVI II, which are karaoke controllers with built-in WLAN. Users need to only use the machines’ touch screens to search a database hosting tens of thousands of songs, by singer, song title or category. Access to the catalogue is made possible by IBM DB2 Everyplace,Continue Reading